Jaguars Embarrassed Themselves In Dolphins Loss


The first stringers of Jacksonville walked out onto the field of The Jack… completely unready and unwilling to be there.

On the offensive side of the ball, our first legitimate first down (as in, not the one given to us by defensive pass interference) was after almost ten minutes had passed in the first half. The first tme we actually got close to scoring (five minutes into the second half) Maurice Jones-Drew fumbled the ball into the endzone, resulting in a touchback for Miami. We were left scoreless until the fourth quarter.

The defensive side of the ball was no better. Their quarterbacks picked us apart with dink and dunk passes and parted our defensive line like the red sea. There was absolutely no pressure on Henne or Pennington. Last week I found myself saying, “Man, Matt Ryan looked good against us” and this week “Man, Chad Henne looked good against us” and I am wondering to myself if that is what the defense is good for: making rookie quarterbacks feel good about themselves.

To quote from Vic’s in-game blog:

"8/16/08 at 9:09 PMMuch will be written and said about the failure of the offense tonight, but it’s the other side of the ball that has me concerned."

However, it was not all bad. Troy Williamson played for a few downs but wasn’t given a chance to prove himself. Mike Walker looked a lot better this time around. I haven’t gotten a chance to look at Walker’s touchdown catch that was taken away from him but other than that he didn’t screw up.

To quote Vic again:

"8/16/08 at 9:40 PMLemon to Walker for a first down. I’m OK with Walker tonight. He’s getting into the flow. He’s showing his upside."

Todd Bouman almost led the team to a comeback and put 14 points on the board in the fourth. Also, Brian Witherspoon looks like he got himself a job as a returner.

Del Rio pretty much felt the same way as most fans did in his post game interview:

"Del Rio is usually able to find the positives in all situations, but it was a struggle for him following the loss to the Dolphins. He settled for no injuries, few penalties and the play of Bouman.“Those are your positives,” he said."

I knew that our third stringers were better than most team’s third stringers and that it why I assumed we would win. I was right in that respect. Our third stringers put 14 points on the board, making us not look as silly when people only see the gameday scores.

To Miami’s credit, they looked like a team who was ready to succeed. My dad, who grew up a Dolphins fan, said he was happy to see the Dolphins performing better this year. He also commented that the people from last year’s team should have been taken out and shot for wearing their uniforms and sucking so hard at the same time. They have a future in Chad Henne. How he lasted until the second round is a wonder. You go, Miami.