Matt Jones’s Family: Cocaine Wasn’t His



Matt Jones is hanging out in a part of town that is well known for its ample amount of drugs.

A white, powdery substance was found on his hand and on the credit card he was using the separate the powder.

When the officer asked if it was cocaine, his response was “yes”.

And he, under advice of his attorney, smartly isn’t saying anything more about the case.

However, his father is:

"“We want to make it clear that Matt was not in possession of any drugs,” the statement continued, “but that there were drugs in the vehicle and were located in the closest proximity to Matt. He does not claim any responsibility for the drugs.”"

Let me repeat.

He said the white powder on his hand was cocaine.

He was cutting it with his credit card.

But it wasn’t his. I guess he was just “holding it for a friend”?

I don’t think a jury full of losing contestants from “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” would fall for that story.