I have been put in my place.


Oh gosh. I am just a poor little girl. I don’t know too much about that football thing. I mean, really. What is there to know beyond the fact that Tom Brady is soooo cuuuuuuuuute? Thankfully, I have The Landry Hat here to set me straight.

I love The Landry Hat and his Cowboys, especially that Jason Witten guy! He is just so fantastic. To show my appreciation, I have composed this list.

Five Reason why the Cowboys are so Effin’ Awesome

1. Their fans have an amazing sense of humor!

2. Their fans also are able to detect sarcasm a mile away on the internet!

3. They have the great Jason Witten on their team!

4. Their fans have such a knack for the persecution complex! You could make a jest about their player and they will get offended on the spot. It is just so amazing!  I wish I could do that.

5. They are confident enough in their manhood not to win play off game!

I just wish so desperately that my team could be as great as the Cowboys. But, gosh, as a girl, I don’t have much taste in football. I just go for the one that has the cutest kicker, teehee. I mean, that is an important postion right? Teehee.