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A Jacksonville Jaguars' Fan : Week In Review

Some scatter-brained thoughts that have gone through my mind over the past couple of days…

  • I have watched Teddy Bridgewater a few times this year and I still only LIKE him. I don’t know why I don’t LOVE him yet. I just don’t get that thing I get when I am seeing the “best” at his position. I get a serious Geno Smith vibe.
  • I had watched Blake Bortles a few times also, and felt the same way. Then I watched him in the bowl game and I got a little bit of that “feeling”. Baylor isn’t a tough defense by any definition, but I saw a QB stay in the pocket, run with authority, throw with accuracy with pressure in his face. I may not be ready to tell the Jags to take this guy, but I will hate going against him one day.
  • With the unbelievable contract signed by Jay Cutler this week, it makes it even more likely that the Texans will draft Jadeveon Clowney with the first pick and it will truly SUCK playing the Texan’s defense for the next couple of years. I still though get a bit of a “under-achiever” vibe from Clowney.
  • Let me get this out there…THANK YOU ESPN!!!!…Hopefully now I won’t have to hear the “We need Tim Tebow” talk any further in Jacksonville or the misguided theories of uninformed sports writers.
  • Let it be known that I am a HUGE Georgia Bulldogs fan, but I sincerely hope the Jags do some study on QB Aaron Murray. He was a 4 year starter who broke numerous Georgia and SEC records. The knee injury suffered in late November was not considered serious and he should be ready to compete by training camp. If you can get this guy in a mid round, please consider it.
  •  Finally…using the logic that has been placed on the Jags by the media for many years now…With three of the four NFL playoff games having to file extensions because of being unable to sellout their stadiums, I guess the NFL will have to consider moving playoffs games to LA or London next year!

As you see, the average Jag fan has LOTS of time on their hands. I can’t wait for the playoffs and Super Bowl to get over so the real season can start…The free agency period!


This rambling manifesto was brought to you by Michael McDonald.

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  • Bill Stacy

    Of course your a Georgia Bulldog fan. Couldn’t resist a Tebow jab right. Just another guy trying to pile on.

    • AlabamJagFan

      I too am thankful to ESPN!!! and the college team I follow is in the North. HA!

    • Michael McDonald

      Hey Bill…Yes I am a Georgia Fan…And damn proud of it. The fact is that I don’t want Tebow on our team as a JAGUAR fan. He is a very nice man & I would be troubled, yet would allow my daughter to date him. It is, unfortunately, the average Tebow fan that has made Tebow so unattractive for an NFL team. Not to mention his horrible mechanics. The best thing you can do as a Tebow devotee is to let what you perceive as an insult roll off your back because it’s that hypersensitivity that truly ended his NFL career prematurely. Thanks for the comment.