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Jaguars to Fans - We're too busy for you!

So where is our press conference?  Around the league, in every NFL city that let the coach or GM go, the President/CEO or owner spoke to the fans. Every one except one, the Jaguars.

Shack Harris never spoke to the media. Gene Smith never spoke to the media. Does anyone know who Mark Lamping is or what he looks like?  Mark Lamping is the Jaguar President. Ever hear from him? Where is the Shahid Kahn press conference?  All we get is John Oehser guessing at what is happening.  Unlike other NFL teams who post who they are interviewing on their web site, we get NOTHING!

Here is a run down across the league and what we should expect as fans:

Cleveland Browns

  • ·        Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner talk to the media on December 31, 2012


Buffalo Bills

  • ·        Buffalo Bills President/CEO Russ Brandon holds a press conference January 1


Chicago Bears

  • ·        Bears general manager Phil Emery spent nearly an hour Tuesday speaking to the media about Monday’s dismissal of Lovie Smith as well as the search process for a new head coach.


Kansas City Chiefs

  • ·        CEO Clark Hunt sits for an interview with the team web site on December 31


Philadelphia Eagles

  • ·        Team Chairman/CEO Jeffrey Juries talks about the ending of the winningest coach in Eagles’ history


Arizona Cardinals

  • ·        Team President Michael Bidwill addresses the local media after relieving coach Ken Whisenhunt and GM Rod Graves of their duties December 31.


Do you get my point?  We hear “The fans showed up for us”, but does anyone show up for the fans? NO!!!  This silent treatment from the Jaguar organization is not what a good NFL team does to loyal fans. It is treating us like we don’t matter, until it is time to buy tickets.  Hey Jaguar organization, pay attention!!!

- Terry O’Brien

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  • Eric Harris

    Ummm…,Mularkey presser? Khan’s statement? What else do you need? Gene was fired so I don’t think he’s gonna do a presser. Seriously, how much more do you need until someone is hired?

    • LukeNSims

      I think he’s asking for more from the Jaguars. As much fun as it is to watch a flight tracker of Shad Khan, it isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea. Personally, I like the way Khan does his business – nice and quiet.

  • limitless

    Nothing to see here. Move Along…. Nothing to see here

  • john

    Thi story is full of, not knowing what they are talking about .the people no this site do not like the jags…they are always negative…but always.want to keep gabbert…

    • LukeNSims

      Thanks for the opinion. I think we’ve done a good job of exploring whether to keep Gabbert, fire Mularkey, fire Gene Smith, or other options. Many of us (myself included) did not want Gabbert when he was selected. Many of us have differing opinions and the goal of B&T is to provide that perspective.

      Terry used to be editor of the site and he hired me as staff writer some three years ago. He and I didn’t always have the same opinion, but we have a mutual respect for each other’s opinions. What he is asking for in this post is simply that the Jaguars as an organization be more forthcoming/open about the prospective candidates. Rather than relying on speculation he wants more insight into Shad Khan’s head. It’s a logical desire, nothing wrong about it. In comparison to other teams, the Jags have been more under the radar during Khan’s ownership. I assure you, Terry (and everyone at B&T) loves the Jaguars.

      • john


        • LukeNSims

          Quick question for you now if you don’t mind: how would you like to see the quarterback situation handled? As a reader who has stated you don’t like Gabbert, are you still fine with him being retained? Looking to the draft? Care to let me pick your brain?

          • john

            Nobody in the draft stsnds out ,keep gabbret but not to start, bring in A Smith but free agents don’t stand out either.. Smith
            looks the best…

          • LukeNSims

            I think he looks the best too, and yet I worry about him being a product of a system run by Jim Harbaugh more than being a good quarterback. Traditionally the guy hasn’t done well with new coaches. Who knows, maybe he has actually become the man the Niners always thought he could be.

  • john

    Must of got snubed by jags front office..never say anything positive….