2011 NFL Draft: Picks 11-32

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If you missed out, I did the top-10 here with a piece solely on Gabbert saved for later. Let the suspense build. Without further adeu, picks 11-32.

11. Houston Texans–JJ Watt, DE, Wisconsin (pictured above with Commisioner Goodell)

Houston has just gotten one of the best players in the draft. Watt can crush offensive lineman. A major help at shutting down the run and getting at the QB, even from the new 34, Watt will be a long-time fixture. The only problem seems to be that they have 3 starting DE’s and no proven NT. Too much talent–a great situation.

12. MN Vikings–Christian Ponder, QB, Florida State

I was not very high on Ponder and even went as far as to call him a back-up due to his floating passes. Let’s hope it works out for the Vikings. Ponder is a great leader and will no doubt put in the work on and off the field (film room) to win. Look for RB Adrian Peterson to lead fantasy football again this year.

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 13. Detriot Lions–Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn (pictured)

 The Lions are slowly becoming one of my favorite teams due to their drafting. Stafford is a top-8 QB when healthy (key words there). WR Calvin Johnson is top-3, TE Brandon Pettigrew might be top-3 TE at both aspects (blocking and receiving), and then Suh–I think you know that rookie pro bowl DT phenom. Now, they take a guy that could’ve gone first overall and place him next Suh….scary!

14. St. Louis Rams–Robert Quinn, DE, North Carolina

I love it. Chris Long is no Hall of Famer but he has really come along and if you can get pressure from the other end, then you can free Long up, at least on occasion. This could get really interesting as their DT play had more production due to the acquisition of DT Fred Robbins last season (NY Giants).

15. Miami Dolphins–Mike Pouncey, G, Florida

This could be a great pick. The ceiling is that his twin brother made the Pro-Bowl as a rookie center for the Steelers last season. The problem is that he is a guard who may be asked to play center. There is no tellin how many times he made the “not top-10″ plays on sportscenter as a center. He couldn’t snap well. He’s a great guard, make no mistake about it. Let’s just hope Miami plays him at center when he plays the Jags.

16. Washington Redskins–Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue

A great guy, great football player at Purdue and another project. Any time that you take a college DE and ask them to stand up in the NFL, it becomes a little risky. More than likely this will work out due to Kerrigan’s work ethic. If it pans out, Washington could’ve just gotten great at rush-backer with Brian Orakpo on the other side.

17. New England Patriots–Nate Solder, LT, Colorado

One of the top left tackles in the draft, Solder should come in smiling. He enters a great situation: protecting Tom Brady. That is an honor of the highest sorts for a lineman. Solder should work out here and if he doesn’t then the Pats can just play Sebastian Vollmer. Vollmer will likely play right tackle, but he is great in a pinch.

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18. San Diego Chargers–Corey Liuget, DL, Illinois (pictured)

 Liuget is disruptive and will most likely play end in San Diego’s 34 defense. I was not as high on Liguet as others were. San Diego tends to target positions and certain players in that certain position in the first round rather than take the best available talent. If they wanted this position, I would’ve thrown up DT Muhammed Wilkerson that went to the Jets. It will be interesting to see who works better.

19. New York Giants–Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska

I still don’t understand why it took so long for this guy to come off the board. Search the internet. Some people had Amukamara rated above Patrick Peterson (a little crazy). I’ll admit I didn’t study the corners too much. I may have seen 5 minutes on Amukamara this off-season, plus a game last season. He seemed great to me and it made sense that he was Mayocks’ #7 player overall (pretty sure that’s right). Regardless, Giants got a good talent…or so it seems. Any time a player drops this much, it makes me wonder what I don’t know….like with Gabbert.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers–Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa

They got my guy! I’ll admit, I’m in love with what Adrian Clayborn brings to a football team: Great pass rush, strength against the run, and most of all–heart. No, I’m not referencing Captain American. Clayborn is that “heart of the team” type guy. It’s rare to have a good guy that also displays that much heart and backs it up on the field. Think former Jag Mike Peterson. It’s too bad we dont’ have him, but he’ll be fun to watch on the 1 o clock game when the Jaguars have one of THREE primetime games!

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  • kjones407

    I think Gabbert fell due to circumstance and not due to his talent. After looking at the previous nine picks before he was selected, there appears to be a reason each team passed on him.

    The Panthers preferred Newton, but it’s impossible to tell why.

    I’m thinking the Broncos took Von Miller because they didn’t want another team to have him. It’s like what Vic used to say, “If you don’t pick him, one of your future opponents will”.

    I think the Bills are happy with Fitzpatrick, so Dareus made more sense. They’re defense needed him.

    I believe the Bengals intended to get Dalton in the second the entire time, so they selected AJ Green.

    The Cardinals got lucky with Peterson falling to them, so they had to select him.

    I have no comment on the trade the Falcons made to trade up to get Julio Jones. I really do hope that pans out for them, because they gave up too much to get him, in my opinion.

    Once again, like the Bengals, I think they seen too much value in the players they selected, so they waited until the second round to get a QB. They selected Colin Kaepernick in the second, which makes me believe that was their plan.

    The Titans grabbing Jake Locker over Gabbert is the only question mark to me. The only answer I can think of is that Locker is the player their new coach wanted. He is more physically gifted than Gabbert, but I think Gabbert will be the better QB of the two. This should be fun to watch for a long time.

    It was apparent that Tyron Smith was the guy the Cowboys wanted, so no explantion needed here.

    And lastly, I think the Redskins had it made up in their organization that they we’re going to go the pro free agency route, instead of place their team in the hands of a rookie. Thus, the trade and the Jags get their future franchise QB.

    To be frank, caught a lucky break and it started with the trade the Falcons made. It could’ve happened many ways, but I think we were fortunate for him to be there.

    • Brandon Clark

      i think you could be absolutely right and i appreciate the thought out answer

      where would you rank Gabbert overall? as on a big board

      • kjones407

        That’s kind of hard to answer, because I usually don’t do that type of thing. But if I had to say, I’d put him top 5 easily. I think he was the best QB in the draft and with that being the most premium position in the league, it’s hard to believe other wise. I guess my top 5 would be:
        1: Patrick Peterson
        2: Marcell Dareus
        3: Blaine Gabbert
        4: Von Miller
        5: AJ Green

        Although it’s tough for me to put AJ Green up there just because he is a WR. But since I think he is a supreme talent, he makes it. But I would consider replacing him with Robert Quinn.

        • Brandon Clark

          that makes sense based on your argument. thanks for the rank

          knowing there is a high chance im wrong, I’ll post my article on Gabbert in the next few days stating why he wasn’t elite and why he was a bad pick. I look for your comments on that

          maybe my write-up will at least be clever and entertaining haha

          • kjones407

            Look forward to it. I get the sense that he won’t be the next Tom Brady, but I think he will have a good career and will help us be playoff contender year in and year out.

        • http://blackandteal.com/author/jagtagonist/ Brandon Clark

          very good answer. aside from disagreeing on Gabbert, I love your top-5.

          I would consider adding JJ Watt. it’s really scheme dependent

          thank you

  • chris

    To kjones 407 I think Kaepernik went to San Fran in the second not Cincy….

    • kjones407

      You’re right, he did, I should’ve put the name of the team in that part of the response. I was just comparing the 49ers to the Bengals in that they both decided to wait until the second round to get their quarterback.

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    Really great analsys Brandon, thanks very much!

    • Brandon Clark

      i appreciate the comment

      2nd round is next…after that i need to do research if i continue. dont know how long that’ll last

      gotta do the Gabbert article too

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