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What is going on with the Jacksonville Jaguars?


 I have to admit I am confused by a lot of things and here is a list of them. 

Early in the year, soon after the last game, a lot of national and local media reported high level Jaguar sources were saying Jack Del Rio was on the way out. Then the Jaguars held the owner, coach, GM meeting and acted like nothing was going on. They were all happy with each other and working to the betterment of the team. OK Great. So the media made all that up? Where is the truth? 

Maurice Jones Drew didn’t play more than 4 downs in preseason. Doesn’t need to the Jaguars said. He said he was fine. He definitely ran out of gas near the end of last season, with about 4 games left. This season, he looks like the end of last season is the new Maurice. He looks ineffective. Did the Jaguars burn him out? Is he hurt? Is there a problem? Last year Maurice was very vocal, this year he is silent. It is as if he is depressed or something. Where is the truth? 

Donnie Henderson said Reggie Nelson was one of the most incredible athletes he ever coached.  The Jaguars canned Donnie Henderson after Jack Del Rio said he liked him. No real secondary coach replaced him. Mel Tucker is the defensive coordinator. Is he? Jack spent all his time with the defense in camp and they look bad, especially in the secondary. What is going on in the coaching staff? Who has responsibility for what? Is the Jaguar disorganization a symptom of Jack Del Rio’s style? Where is the truth? 

The Jaguars pitted Reggie Nelson against Gerald Alexander for free safety in 2010. The entire preseason they battled. Gene Smith, one week before the season starts, gets rid of them both.  Now I like David Jones, but was Reggie Nelson that bad at safety? He was the leading tackler in most of the preseason games and not really that bad. Not as bad as they said. Why was Reggie Nelson AND Gerald Alexander cut? Do the Jaguars really believe Sean Considine was the best man in camp? If so, say it! Are the yreally keeping and playing the best guys? Where is the truth? 

Derek Cox was hailed as a real find at cornerback. He was singled out most of last season by the opposition and the Jaguars had trouble stopping the pass. This year, he played in the fourth preseason game. No hurt veteran played in that game. Derek Cox did not look hurt during the Falcons preseason game. He was burned badly by Denver. Jack Del Rio said he was still the starter, but he didn’t start. He wasn’t hurt in the last preseason game and he wasn’t hurt in the Denver game. Did he lose his starting job? Is he hurt? Is he just no good? Where is the truth? 

Here is my point, I don’t know what the Jaguars are really doing. I know they sold a lot of tickets to a lot of people. There will be more blackouts around the NFL this year than last year even though the Jaguars won’t contribute but maybe at most three to the list.  Despite this, there seems to be a curtain of secrecy around this organization. There are just so many confusing and unexplained things. 

In Gene we trust? I am not sure who I trust at the Jaguars anymore. 

- Terry O’Brien

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  • zoltanfrombudapest

    Lot of good points. Terry. The Jags are just a big question mark right now….

  • thehof

    To many of your questions, Terry, I can offer two simple answers.

    1. Many of these mysterious circumstances are mysterious because we put our faith in offseason storylines. Everything that happens in the offseason is a fabrication to feed The NFL Machine. Vic says it all the time, more CRAP is published in the offseason than ever before because people are frothing at the mouth for ANYTHING football related!

    2. We have a below average level of talent at many positions and as much as we pump up certain players (refer back to point #1), we have a long way to go until we have what would be considered a strong and deep NFL roster. We’ve only had Gene for two season and we endured many years of Shack Harris’ blunders.

    • tkopa

      Did you see what Derek Landi did on Sunday for Carolina?

      answer that question and then tell me Gene knows what he is doing.

      • kjones407

        Yeah, Landri played a good game. But if he would’ve still been here, he would’ve been a rotational guy, not a starter. It’s good he is getting that opportunity, but do you think he would’ve been more effective than Douzable or Cohen for us?

        • Collin

          yes abosolutely Derek Landri would be a help to this team. He would fill the role D’Anthony Smith left with his injury. A pass rushing DT. He was a shack harris guy though, and Gene has a propensity to keep his own and cut everyone else.


      • Ron

        I don’t think it’s fair to say Gene doesn’t know what he is doing because Derek Landri (of all players) happens to have a good game on another team. Players get cut from teams and play well for another all the time. I guess no GM knows what they are doing. Who knows, maybe Derek was coached up, or bettered himself since we cut him.

        GM’s don’t bat a thousand all the time. I think it’s safe to say Gene is doing a lot better than .500 right now. And that’s a hell of a lot better than many GM’s in this league. I’m glad we have him.

  • Decision

    this season is over for the jags…

    just more reason for weaver to regret his choices…

    garrard is too slow, and with mccown out, there is nothing left..

    weaver made the wrong choice..

    weaver will no doubt someday die , and with his last breath say the name that will always haunt him. TEBOW…

  • TP

    The last thing on any ones mind is tebow, come on man, give it up tebow is not any thing close to a nfl caliber qb

  • kjones407

    Honestly, this does look like a more competitive group of players, but they seem to just be out of place. Time and time again in the Chargers game, somebody could’ve made a play if they were in position to do so. I don’t know if it was the lack of awareness by the players or if it was the playcalling, but they need to fix it. They are tackling better, especially in the secondary, the just need to limit those explosive plays better.