The real test- Updated match up preview vs. the San Diego Chargers

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As I said the Chiefs did everything you can expect to put pressure on him, to make him uncomfortable. Despite that, he made big plays and very tough throws. He really looked like one of the Top 5 QB of the NFL. He was so good, that the Chargers didn’t feel that someone (Vincent Jackson) is missing. The Jaguars secondary will have very tough game against Legedu Naanee and Malcolm Floyd, not to mention a player called Antonio Gates. I already started to sweat when I think about the match up Gates vs. the Jaguars secondary. I don’t play fantasy; but that is right there the “start of the week”. This is the only match up that the Chargers have a big advantage in my opinion; but that alone can turn this game to favor San Diego…


Oh; sorry there is another one. This game will be on the West Coast. The area the Jaguars have their butt kicked in a very ugly style twice. They were outscored 6-61 in those 2 games; including a  0-41 from a very bad (not on that day) Seattle Seahawks…Although Jack Del Rio has a 7-0 run against the AFC West teams right now, this will be a big; big test. I don’t speak about a victory. I think that will be the upset of the week, if the Jaguars win this game. But I want to see effort. I want to see a “very close score; fight to the finish” style game from the Jaguars.

Speaking of the West Coast; the Jaguars had some players coming from California (Maurice Drew; Marcedes Lewis, and head coach as well); but this year they loaded the roster with people who will return home this weekend (no speculation about LA Jaguars here please).Kirk Morrison; Kassim Osgood; Russell Allen; John Matthews are San Diego State or San Diego University products. Tyson Alulau went to college to California. If you add Maurice and Marcedes to this unit; Jaguars have a pretty large West Coast group in the roster; if we consider; that they are an East Coast team…

Kassim Osgood: He served the Chargers between 2003-2009. This year he plays for the Jaguars. He wanted to play as a WR so he signed with the Jaguars. In his 1st game; he scored a game winning TD. Also he was fantastic in the special teams. I think he wants to prove San Diego that he has talent as a receiver. If I was Dirk Koetter; I would design  2-3 plays for him this Sunday…

Shawne Merriman vs. Maurice Jones Drew: Well once again; I don’t know the game status of Merriman; but if he plays; he has an unfinished business with ‘Pocket Hercules” I think about this play of course:

This play was often mentioned in the last 2 seasons. I think Merriman not forgot it. If he plays; I’m 100% sure he want to revenge this. So Maurice; If Merriman is on the filed; please be cautious!

In conclusion; I think this game will decide on 2 things. How much can the Jaguars limit Philip Rivers; and can they play on the high level (like they did against the Broncos last week) on the West Coast. I’m not going to lie; this game is to me like a match against the Patriots was last year. I’m very confident that this game will be a loss. (If the Jaguars surprise me; I’ll be a very happy man.) If that happens; I will watch how the Jaguars will lose it: in the end of a very hard dogfight; or laying an egg once again in the West Coast.

Prediction: Chargers 28- Jaguars 21

Zoltan Paksa

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  • thehof

    Great preview for the game, Zoltan. Not to be picky, but Shaun Phillips had the sack. He is an extremely well-rounded linebacker and will line up on Eben’s side, so it should be a good test.

    • tkopa

      Eben will be singled out in this game.

    • zoltanfrombudapest

      Thanks- I correct it!

      Eben Vs Shaun Philips is the other mismatch besides Gates. Eben better get ready; becausei f not David will be hammered by Philips…
      (I added that part to the article now!)

  • Marc

    I’m not convinced it’s a loss. I think we play them like we play the Colts. If we bring a gameplan like we do against Peyton, we have a shot at this one.

    We have a team that is actually built for this one. It all boils down to front pressure, and secondary coverage.

    While Kampman was a beast last game, he also didn’t always line up against Clady. Most of his pressure came when he got in rookies faces and made them go Oh S$#@! Well, he has that in the LT right now. I think he’s going to get in his head, and he’s going to dominate him.

    I also agree, I think it should be a good game for Harvey to record a sack. It should be wide open for him.

    In short I expect our front to get good pressure this game.

    As far as the secondary. I think we are starting to get in decent shape here. Of course we need Cox to bounce back. If he doesn’t we’ll be likely in for a long day. You assign Jones to cover Gates, he’s big enough to take on the duty. We just need a few key plays on the secondary.

    But basically why we have a shot is we are a very good ball control offense. I believe that MJD/Jennings will have a very productive day, and that Garrard will dink and dunk for long 7-10 minute drives while Rivers stews on the bench.

    In other words we play them exactly like we play the Colts, and you know we keep the Colts pretty close.

    Compare the Chargers to the Colts, it’s pretty much the same type of team as the Colts, except the Colts are better in almost every case.

    Chargers can’t stop the run, Colts can’t stop the run.
    Chargers can throw it, Colts can throw it.

    Chew up the game clock with a good ball control offense. Have just a few key stops on defense. Have special teams perform up to the level they did in the preseason and I think we have a decent shot at winning the game.

    We’ll know in the first 15 minutes if we’re going to have a chance or not. Can we put together those long, grueling drives ala ’07. If we do that, we have a shot baby!

    Just my opinion.


    • zoltanfrombudapest

      Maybe Marcos; but the Chargers not want to PROVE IT! Like the Jaguars wanted last week. Plus it will be in the West Coast; which make us woory after last year.

      This is a game; where if the Jaguars win that will be a MAJOR UPSET. If they lose it will be not a big deal (if they do; the way how will be though)

  • Luke

    I must admit that I agree with Marcos on this one. While it may be considered a HUGE UPSET by the mainstream media, I think that this is a different season and neither the Jags or Chargers should be measured by their past year. A lot can change in an offseason, and I think the Jags got better to a great degree and I think that the Chargers slipped a little. So it should be closer than it is anticipated based on last years numbers and it will be quite similar to playing the colts in terms of playing style. I liked the examination, Marcos!

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