Aaron Kampman earns our defensive attaboy

Handing out Jaguar Defensive Grades for Game 1

We got a good look at the team and the players and we were very impressed. Well, we were impressed with most of them. It is time to hand out awards and report cards. 


For this I will use my own observations having been at the game and the services of ProFootballFocus.com. They are a service that grades out all of the players. 

Since all of the attention in the Jaguar front office was given to the Defensive Line, let’s start with them. 

Aaron Kampman:  Aaron is credited with 2 sacks (1.5), 4 QB hits and 3 QB pressures. He is considered the second best graded DE for pass rush. (They haven’t graded everyone yet). Aaron isn’t as good on the run but graded overall as our best DE. 

Aaron Kampman earns an A

Derrick Harvey: Derrick is credited with 0 sacks, 1 QB hits and 2 QB pressures. He also played excellent run stopping and dropped into coverage. Derrick was graded as close to Aaron Kampman in performance more on the run than rush.  Derrick Harvey earns a B+ 

Tyson Alualu: Tyson is credited with 1 QB sack and 1 QB pressure. He played the run well but delivered an average performance as a pass rush guy. Not bad for his first game. Tyson Alualu earns a C

Terrance Knighton: Terance is credited with 2 QB pressures. He played the run as well as Tyson and the rush the same way. This was not a dominate performance by the DT duo but it was good. Terrance Knighton earns a C. 


Daryl Smith: Daryl had a great game. He is credited with 3 QB hits and 1 QB pressure. He had 6 tackles and 4 “stops”. A stop is when the offense failed because of him. He was thrown at 3 times with only one completion. He had the game winning interception! His rush and coverage was above average, his run stopping was average.  After further consideration, we have decided Daryl was the star player with Aaron Kampman and earned an A+                                     Daryl Smith earns an A+ 

Kirk Morrison: Kirk had 1 QB pressure, 4 tackles, 3 stops, was thrown at 2 times with 2 completions. Kirk didn’t have a monster game. In fact he was rather average. Kirk Morrison earns a C

Justin Durant: Justin did not affect the QB. He was thrown at 3 times and had all three completed. He made 4 tackles and 3 stops. Justin Durant was almost silent in this game. He played the run well, but pass coverage was weak. Justin Durant earns a D+ 

Defensive Secondary 

Rashean Mathis: Rashean had a great game. For all the talk of Denver’s secondary, Rashean outplayed them all. He was thrown at 6 times with 2 completions. He had 1 pass defended which almost was an interception. His coverage was excellent and he played the run well. He had 4 tackles and 3 stops. He allowed only 27 yards in completions and 3 yards in YAC (yards after catch). He missed no tackles. Rahean Mathis earns an A. 

Derek Cox: Derek was the Anti-Rashean. He was the only thing Denver had go right for them all game. The Jaguars would have smacked Denver hard except for Derek. 

Derek Cox earns our Game Shame award!

He was thrown at 9 times with 8 completions. He allowed 140 yards in completions and 40 YAC for a total of 180 yards. Denver generated 360 yards of offense. Derek was half of that. He missed one tackle. Derek Cox earns an F

Anthony Smith: Anthony had 3 tackles, one missed tackle and no stops. His coverage was average and his run support was weak. He really made no plays of importance but he didn’t get burned. Anthony Smith earns a C- 

Sean Considine: Sean made 5 tackles and 1 stop. He missed 2 tackles. If you are a safety, missing a tackle is a big red flag. He was thrown at once and it was a completion. He was really a complete non-factor in the game. The runs Denver did rip off needed to be stopped quicker. Sean Considine earns a D+.   

Overall Defensive Grades

Defensive Line earns a B 

Linebackers earn a C+ 

Secondary earns a D+  

Our Jaguar defense is a C. We will win only when the offense and defense play well. There is not enough defense here to win games for us.  If Derek Cox improves or David Jones plays, and Justin Durant improves, we will begin a march to a much better defense. It is close! 

- Terry O’Brien

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  • thehof

    I gotta say I saw Considine make some plays. He recovered the forced fumble by Daryl Smith and I saw him rush the line and deflect an Orton pass or two for an incompletion on third down.

  • Tim

    Yeah i agree. Considine definately looked better than a D+

  • http://nothinyet Justin

    Alualu had 1/3 of our sacks, was double-teamed for much of the game (he was double-teamed when he got his sack!) and is up for rookie of the week. I think he deserves better than a C

    • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa


      When you think about Henderson and Stroud and their ability to collapse the pocket, that is not Alualu and Knighton. There is nothing elite about them right now.

      But that would be an interesting article, Henderson vs. Alualu after year one. Thanks

  • surteal

    Considine had two PBU’s. One of whice was in the endzone. He makes plays. That said, he is also slow in coverage. I grade him a C. Because of the few plays he made, but the factored in downgrading of what appears to be him not being able to “get over the top” as fast as you’d like. Athleticism is now his weak link.

    Im glad you brought up Mathis’ stats. I tried to watch him, but the line play was too exciting. The few times that i did manage to see him, he was a little farther away from the defender than I would have preferred. While he is no Revis and I don’t expect him to be. It didn’t seem elite. Mathis normally seems elite.

    An interesting thing to note is that Mike Thomas got by the Champ Bailey at least once. I think it was twice. Bailey is and has been top-5 at his position for years. I believe one year (roughly 06) he only allowed some 13 receptions. It blew my mind to see that over the head completion that Thomas craddled “like his child”. Amaazing stuff.

    Pictures were great quality and story-book-formed as always. Thanks for the work, as joyfull as it is, thanks nonetheless.

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  • Meeper

    Didn’t Considine deflect 2 passes as well?

    • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

      Yes – Sean Considine batted down two passes atthe line of scrimmage. Do you think I am being too hard on him?

      • zoltanfrombudapest

        Maybe (Response to Terry)

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    I think Darly Smith gets an A+ – He was elected “AFC defensive player of the week” in the 1st time in his career!

    • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

      I agree. Daryl was a star along with Kampman. The pressure Kampman put on Kyle Orton allowed Daryl to get the interception.

      Zoltan, what you hoped for came true. The front 7 saved the back 4 on defense.

  • Luke

    A good article Terry, but I think Considine did a better job than graded. And as a unit I think the defense played better than a C grade. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. Fortunately, that is very true of this defense.

    • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa


      Let me debate that. Top defenses, those that help a team get to the playoffs limit the opposition to 300 yards or less. Year after year the statistics bear that out.

      The Jaguar defense did not win this game. Derek Cox almost gave it away himself. Moreno was high-stepping through safeties like thay were water puddles. We are not an above average defense right now. We can be, but are not. 300 yards or less, we gave up 360. Not elite.

      • Luke

        I understand that completely, and I agree with you. The Denver air attack especially put up big numbers. And I agree that 300 or more is far too bad. BUT, I think that this defense showed far more than I anticipated. Sure, I expected Derek Cox to do a lot better, but the unit showed that with some tightening they can definitely be quite excellent. A C is average, I’m assuming an A to be elite. I would put us above a C, because as a unit the play showed flashes of their true ability. I’m counting this game as a bit of fluke. But we’ll see come next week.

  • kjones407

    If Considine would’ve made that pick, he should’ve been graded a B+. But he didn’t, so oh well.