What will Happen to Jack and David post 2010?

I love the beginning of the football season.  We’re tied with the Colts for first place in the division, we can mock the Texans until their offense proves (once again) how dominant it is, and laughing about Tennessee’s quarterback situation has become an annual event to look forward to.  But it’s also a time to dream, speculate, and ponder how our team will look at the end of the season and what changes may be made.

The coaching situation in Jacksonville is very unstable.  I love Jack Del Rio, I like his mind, I like his attitude, and I like his preference of defense.  But unless the Jaguars go 11-5/win the division or better this season, it’s time to hire the 3rd head coach in franchise history.  That is my standard.  Period.  And that new head coach should be Vikings Defensive Coordinator Leslie Frazier. The Bills have alread

My expressed interest in Frazier and have had him visit for interviews. The Jaguars have expressed no interest in moving away from Jack, but if they let Frazier slip through their fingers this year they will have missed a huge opportunity. And by bringing in a new head coach during the same year that the Jaguars should draft a new quarterback (more on that later), they will hopefully promote a good relationship that allows them to grow and get used to each other until they are both able to shine week in and week out. Which brings me to the quarterback position:

The 2011 draft class is deep at the quarterback position and will probably yield Jacksonville’s QB of the future.  With that in mind, many people think it is time to take a good hard look at David Garrard and see if he is worth keeping.  I detest that attitude. It is foolhardy, at best.  As the quarterback of this team for the past 3 seasons, and sitting the bench for many more before then, Garrard has an intimate understanding of this organization and how it runs.  He knows his receivers, he knows the lineman, and he knows how to run an offense.  Not to mention that David’s mechanics have very rarely been under question.  With this in mind, I don’t think we should get rid of David (and his rather large salary), but rather draft a QB that he can train, nurture, and eventually bring up to usurp his position like Aaron Rodgers did to Brett Favre, or Tom Brady to Drew Bledsoe, or Kevin Kolb to Donovan McNabb; need I continue?  We do not want to replicate what the Texans did to David Carr (76 sacks his first year) who had more talent than most quarterbacks but was squandered by being thrust in too early.  Sure, there are exceptions (Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Peyton Manning), but they are few and far between.  It is not advisable to gamble in such a way. We don’t want a Leinart, or a Couch, or even an Alex Smith.  So, rather than saying goodbye to Garrard and replacing him with a gamble, I say keep him on for a 3 year minimum and let him train his replacement.  Lord knows we don’t want another Leftwich that wastes our teams money and hopes year after year.

- Luke N. Sims

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  • kjones407

    I disagree about your expectations the team must meet for Del Rio’s job to be secure. I honestly believe he will be around for at least another two or three more years and he deserves it. With GM Gene Smith taking over the personnel decisions, it appears that Jack has a renewed involvement in the direction of the team. Vic stated a while ago that Del Rio has a bit of scout in him and I agreed with that, as I believed it before he said it. It was known that Jack disagreed, at times, with the draft choices ‘Shack’ Harris used to make. Most notably, picking FS Reggie Nelson over QB Brady Quinn in the 2006 Draft. Although Quinn didn’t pan out, it does highlight that there was, at times, a fundamental difference in the way the two viewed the game. But I believe there is a much better camaradie between Del Rio and Smith, which I believe, is what is going to secure Jack’s place as the Jags Head Coach for the next few years. Also, the person that would make that decision, Owner Wayne Weaver, seems to be 100% on board with the way the team is headed too. Aaron Kampman’s decision to join the Jags is a true testament of this. When asked both times, “why the Jags?”, he intently expressed that it was the similarities of values between Owner Wayne, GM Gene and HC Del Rio that persuaded his decision. Replacing Del Rio in that link, while not impossible, could potentially derail the progress that the team is about to make. Looking at the way Gene has been drafting, acquiring free agents and making personnel moves; it appears that Gene is building the team that Del Rio has wanted this entire time. This team is being built to run the ball and stop and the run, period. With better personnel decisions being made, Jack will get a chance to show his true mettle as a Head Coach. Considering he made the most of what he had before Gene’s promotion, I believe, he will be successful and has the chance to have Jeff Fisher longevity with the Jags.

    As far as Garrard goes, it’s possible the scenario you described of David grooming his successor could happen. But viewing Gene’s personnel decision making process makes me believe if he finds the QB he wants next draft, he will get whatever value he can for Garrard and input the new QB as starter by default. Honestly, it’s much harder for me to gauge Garrard’s future with the Jags than Del Rio’s. To me, there are too many little variables to mention that could take place that is going to ultimately decide David’s fate. I’d rather let that play out than speculate on it.

    Either way, GO JAGS!!!

  • Luke

    Very good points! Love the response. And I agree about Jack and Smith and Weaver, and the Garrard thing in relation to Smith’s attitude toward replacing him. Very well done! I do love Jack Del Rio, so if he stays I am more than fine with it! He’s the reason I became a fan of the Jags. That said, I do think that if he is not able to succeed even this year that it may be time to get another defensive man on the sidelines. And the prospect of Leslie Frazier has my mouth watering. But I am merely speculating because it’s the start of the season and it’s the time to do it. Once again, loved the response! Very well done! And I agree, go Jags!

    • jagsoldier

      Inmy opinion,ifGene finds the QB he wants nexr year and they decide to part ways with Garrard, then I would prefer that they brought in a QB vet like Jake Delohme to play one season while the rookie learns. I dont care what QB we are talking about, even Manning would have been better with a year on the bench.