Understanding Jack Del Rio

I have had a hard time understanding how I feel about Jack Del Rio.  Most of the time, I am not impressed. I think there are mind games played that don’t work. I think he lost the team in 2008. I think he fired people to pass blame and feels he is never, never at fault for anything. I think he tinkers too much and I think he feels he is above all of us  and simply can’t relate to the common fan and doesn’t care to.

But sometimes I have moments of respect. I think Jack boils football down to a very basic level, my guy can beat your guy. I think that is the real level of football that matters, man on man competition. That is the one thing I appreciate about Jack Del Rio. When it is time for a fourth down conversion, the challenge is issued, my man can beat your man.

The simple truth is the Jaguars didn’t have that ability in the recent past. The drafting is mildly improved. I am not completely sold on Gene Smith but he is headed in the right direction. I am, however, sold on Luke Richesson, the strength coach. if my man can beat your man, then my man has to be stronger and meaner and ready to demonstrate it.

Luke Richesson reports that Eugene Monroe is down to 300 pounds and ready to play. That is great news. Eugene Monroe was a fantastic athlete at 330 pounds. He should be faster with more endurance at 300 pounds. He is a star in the making. When Luke describes him as “brutally strong” I am ready for the season to start.

JACKSONVILLE, FL - MAY 1: Tackle Eugene Monroe #75 of the Jacksonville Jaguars sets to block May 1, 2009 at a team minicamp near Jacksonville Municipal Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Hey fatboy – Lose the weight.  Source: yardbarker

Luke reports that Eben Britton has a measurable increase in muscle playing at 310. Eben Britton needs technique, but if he gets that, this new body will be dangerous to our opponents.  I love that. Eben Britton is an untrained assassin that needs a little guidance. I would love for him to flatten Elvis Dumervil in the first game. To be honest, I hope he stomps on him as well. 

I am encouraged by reports of Derrick Harvey being lighter and stronger. I am encouraged by all the reports of the offensive and defensive linemen. Brad Meester is stronger and Vince Manuwai is down to (down to?) 320 pounds. This is all great news.

In Jack Del Rio football there are no clever schemes. It isn’t that you trick your opponent. You simply go out and beat him and then you do it again. Throughout the first quarter you exert your dominance and beat your man to a pulp regardless of the score. Then in the second quarter you do it again. Somewhere in the third quarter panic takes hold of the opponent and they begin to try to get away with tricks. It backfires and they lose heart. The opponent quits. You can see it when it happens.

Jack Del Rio plays my favorite kind of football. It is man beats man until the other guy relents and surrenders. This has been Jaguar football. This is the Jaguar football coming in 2010. I for one can’t wait.

So how do I feel about Jack Del Rio? I love the guy when his team is playing his kind of football. If we got away from that and are returning, great, all is forgiven. My man can beat your man and my man is a Jaguar.  I am so sick of being on the butt end of jokes that I want revenge. I want revenge on the field. I want revenge to start with Denver and run straight through to Tennessee on Monday Night. I want our men to beat their men into submission.

Jack, lead this team. Luke, build the raw muscle. Gene, bring in the right guys. Let’s get on with it. The Division Title is ours this year and Luke Richesson may be the guy to thank. Jack, get it done. I am behind you.

- Terry O’Brien

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  • zoltanfrombudapest

    Hm; I agree on “my guy can beat your guy”. I remember when Dr. Z was the lead writer at SI; he always wrote about I’m sweating watching the Jaguars play; because they are playing phsycal football.

    I agree on Richesson as well. People don’t gave the credit him yet. Last year; compared to the league; the Jaguars have very limited injury problems (Harvey; Dillard; Williamson and Rashean to be exact). Luke said in “phase II” wwhich we are now; that will improve even better. Watch out for the second year players; I think they will carry this team very; very long.

    As for Jack; he is a mystery. I like him; I share with everyone many times;. But something always happening lately; that me doubt in him.
    He (just like Garrard; and Harvey) are in the make-or-break year. The odds are not looking good (Schedule). If he can bring back the football Terry loved so much in 2005-2007; he have a shot. But only then.

    It will be fun to watch the ’10 Jags that’s for sure!

  • Patrick

    Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but to say the drafting is mildly improved is laughable. Are you waiting for the 3 year grace period like most people? Normally I could see that point but we had 3 starters and multiple contributors from all rounds of the draft. “What’s that say about the talent on the team?”, I get that as well. When only one guy from the previous 5 years is someone I like watching on Sundays (M. Lewis) there are issues. Drafting has improved and will continue, I like the BAP, it will continue to work for us. Like most of what you said just that one thing caught my eye.

    • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa


      Thanks for writing, you said it correctly, everyone owns their opinion.

      Fo me, I see the 2007 draft as having Reggie Nelson, Justin Durrant, Mike Sims-Walker, Adam Podlesh as solid starters.

      I see the 2006 as having marcedes Lewis, Maurice Jones Drew, and Clint Ingrahm. I view the top two as pro-bowl level picks. That is good drafting.

      I see 2009 as having Eugene Monroe, Eben Britton, Derek Cox and Terrance Knighton. A solid draft, pro-bowl guys? Maybe.

      So to me 2009 looked mildly more solid than 2007 and 2006. I view 2008 as a roll of the dice that failed and ignored it.

      I think, for me this is a fair statement, drafting shows some signs of improvement. I don’t see a huge leap however as it is too early to tell.

      - Terry

      • Patrick

        I noticed you didn’t mention 2008′s draft, ha

        • zoltanfrombudapest

          Nobody wants to remember that year in Jacksonville….