Top and flop 5 of the 2010 offseason moves

The off season is far from over; and we haven’t even hit the dead zone yet (the time period between the last OTAs and training camp) yet Terry and I thought about the changes that have happened (or not happened) in the off season so far and we have some comments. So we asked, what have the Jaguars done right and what have they done wrong. So here are our Top 5 Top/Flop list.

Here are our top 5 things that the Jaguars did well:

1) GM Gene Smith once again ignored Mel Kiper and Drafted Tyson Alualu: The more we know about this guy, the more we are wondering how we didn’t discover him before the draft. Check out new MLB Kirk Morrison about Tyson:

“Man, I think a lot of people don’t really know him. But talk about a guy who has a motor! At DT, you might not be able to see his immediate impact, but as a linebacker, what he’s doing up front, has been awesome. I like what he’s doing.”
“A lot of people will be surprised how good he is. He’s a big guy who works hard. He looks complete, and will surprise some people with his play.”

Sounds good to me from a veteran player like Kirk.

2) New coaches – Joe Cullen, Rob Boras, Ernest Byner: Cullen will make our D-line a nightmare for the opposite teams offensive coordinators; and most importantly the opposite QBs. Rob Boras will make the Jags TEs a very lethal weapon. Earnest Byner will move Maurice Drew and the rest of the RB/FB group to the next level. We liked the work of Mike Tice and Kennedy Pola but these new guys are might be better. (We don’t want to be mean; but to be a better D-line coach then Ted Monachino was; is not a too difficult thing.)

3) The trades with Oakland: The Jaguars traded a 4th round pick for Kirk Morrison and a 5th round pick was one of the biggest steal of the draft. A typical Al Davis kind of draft move; and the Jaguars thank him very much. And let us not forget the “Quentin Groves trade” too. Gene got a 5th round pick from a very underachiving player. And the fact that the Jaguars got a 4th pick in 2011 from New Orleans for that particular pick made this trade even more good looking. Does anyone realize that in this trade the Jaguars got more value for Quntin Groves then Pittsburgh got for Santonio Holmes? Didn’t realize that, did you?

4) Aaron Kampman free agency pick up: Jack Del Rio just said today Kampman’s recovery is ahead of the schedule; and the head coach expects him to participate 100% at training camp. Take this development and add in his motor; and I feel sorry for Peyton Manning and Matt Schaub (not really)

5) Tony Boselli in charge of ticket sales: He is earning his “Ring of honor” once again and in a major way. It is good that the Jaguars have such a classy player such as  Tony Boselli. What he and the Jaguars are doing to promote the team is incredible. The fans can’t say a single bad word about the Jaguars didn’t do everything they could to push the ticket-sales up. The 30/30 idea was a really good idea! If you are a Jaguars fan and you don’t have a season ticket; and you can afford to buy it; please do it! You will not regret it. This team will pay you back in excitement!

Now let’s see the moves we dislike from the front office!

1. Safety position is almost a mess and they did nothing to fix it!: As I wrote in my secondary and defense conclusion articles; the position ain’t looking good. The fact remains that we must hope that Reggie Nelson will pick up where he left at 2007, his rookie season. Help us Reggie, you are our only hope! (Ouch, that hurts my head!)

2. Held on to John Henderson too long – lost trade value: Stunning but true -after a month of being released, John Henderson still doesn’t have a new team. It is unfair to John; the greatest of  players ; but shows how little value he actually has. I hate to say this, but the Jaguars should have tried to trade him between the last season  and the draft.

3. Cut of Montavius Stanley: This move makes the Jaguars very thin at Knighton’s place at DT. If something happens with Terrance; Attyah Ellison is all the Jaguars have. We would be better off to see a competition between him and Stanley for the backup job. Now if Knighton becomes injured or he has a bad year, that would be almost as serious blow as if the Jaguars would lose Maurice Jones-Drew or David Garrard. Or Rashean Mathis…

4. The Rashean Mathis holdout: Which (he is a key player; the Jags can’t replace) makes this situation even worse. It is a perfect “Catch-22”. Does he deserve more money that he receives right now (especially if you saw how much money Brian Williams; and Drayton Florence got when they played here)? Yes! Is it the right time to do this demand; after a very bad season in ’09 where he was often injured and was sometimes torched (Seattle; anyone?)? Sadly but the answer is no. I hope the situation will be solved; in the way that both sides will be happy, but Terry and I fear; that it will be a difficult thing. We wonder if the Jaguars are handling this correctly.

5:. We found only 4 big concerns; so Terry and I offer to you the oppurtunity to tell us; which is the biggest issue that was a mistake for doing or not doing by the front office. So please; leave a comment about the suggestions; and if you agree with our list!

 Terry O’Brien & Zoltan Paksa

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  • JagSoldier

    I think the Jags knew way ahead of time that they were going to cut Clint Ingram. I wish they would have traded him awhile ago and got what they ould for him. Any darft pick for this guy wou have been better than just cutting him. I did not like this move at all.

    • tkopa

      Wow, we missed that one! You are right.

    • tkopa

      By the way, we look forward to your safe return

    • zoltanfrombudapest

      Yeah; Jon have a safe trip back home; and thanks fir the comment!

  • Eddy

    How about not drafting a suitable replacement for David Garrard and his oversized contract? Or the lack of adding reciever depth. WHo catches the balls there besides Mike?!

    • tkopa

      Actually, Zoltan and I are ok with not drafting a QB this year. We are ok with David Garrard and waiting until next year’s draft for a QB.

      As for receiver, the tight ends provide great opportunity and we believe Mike Thomas and Jarret Dillard are going to show up in a major way.

      Thanks for posting!

      • Chris

        I agree, Gene didn’t force himself to draft a QB because there weren’t many great QB’s this year compared to next years class. There were only 4 QB’s drafted in the first 2 days of the draft and Armanti Edwards wasn’t drafted to be a traditional QB.

        As far as the safety concern, I think people are really under-estimating Anthony Smith. Most sites don’t name him, but I wouldn’t doubt by mid-season if he wasn’t the starter. He played very well in his limited time last year and garnered 2 starts to end the season.

        • tkopa

          Zoltan, Chris is right about Anthony Smith, he was dependable. We need to look at that.

          Thank you Chris

  • Jim Beeler

    The fifth biggest mistake the Jags made this offseason is NOT drafting a receiver with big play ability/speed, when there was many in the 2nd,3rd and even the 4th round that they could have grabbed and been a starter considering what we currently have on the roster.

    • tkopa

      Can you name a 4th round pick you would have rather had than Larry Hart?

  • frankDubz

    I do think that it sucked that we couldn’t get anything for Big John. But I don’t even think the Jags knew pre-draft that they were going to get two DT’s with our first two picks because of BAP. It was also a wise business decision to keep DG around. We will draft a QB next year regardless if he does well or not. I also think you guys are underestimating our WR corps. They are very talented! Larry Hart is a monster!!!!!!!!!!! Watch the tape on him……… I know the price tag is a little high, but I wouldn’t mind getting Atogwe…………if not, let’s see if our pass rush can make our secondary solid……………..

  • Clarence Austin

    stop playing jags and go get some depth at wideout…sign a solid veteran 4 a 2 year deal…T.O. period! even in his weakest season he still got over 800 yrs in receiving.that was better than alota younger players got last yr so he’s still doing better in his latter years…and please please please get a safrty….Ken Hamlin is still availabe is ya don’t wanna sign Atogwe.just get a darn safty please!

  • Painorama

    Wow, sign TO? Do you see any teams trying to sign him right now. Fixes like that never work out as planned. As for Atogwe, he’ll go to the highest bidder which maybe will be St. Louis.

    About Big John, we were smart to release him instead of continuing the futile attempt at trading him. The reason noone has signed him yet is not because he is not good, but because he wants too much money. He can be productive in a good rotation, but he thinks he should be a starter.

    Last, big play receivers are not our problem, especially when our QB is lying on the ground. We just need quality possession WR, because we have MSW, MJD, and hopefully our TE group to rely on.

    • tkopa


      Great great post and thoughts!