What happened with these guys? Grading Gene Smith (Part II)

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If there is one thing we have learned, it is that Gene Smith has no problem telling players they are no longer wanted by the Jacksonville Jaguars.  In this series, I have been looking back one year and grading the cuts Gene made. If Gene cut the player and he hasn’t produced anywhere else, I give him an A.  If the player becomes a productive player and could have been a benefit to the team, I give Gene a D or F.

Yesterday I gave out marks for cutting Jerry Porter (A+), Reggie Williams (A), Matt Jones (A), Cleo Lemon (A), Tony Pashos (B+) and Paul Spicer (A).   Gene did well with these cuts.

Today we continue the look back and grade more of the players. After the jump, we have 8 more players to consider and not all of these are A grades for Gene. Let’s get going…

 Dennis Northcutt:

Arizona Cardinals v Detroit Lions

Source: Yardbarker

Dennis was traded for S Gerald Alexander during last off-season. Dennis was a deep threat in the last couple of games for the Jaguars in ’08. Well he did not continued that in the Motor City. He played in all of the games; started in 2; recorded 35 catches (tied 3rd most at the team) and 415 yards (4th in the team) with scoring 1 TD. These are average numbers, even for Detroit. Alexander recorded average number for the Jaguars (I wrote in my last article; that his league wide average numbers counted as almost good numbers in the Jaguars secondary). I think the 2 teams got around the same caliber of players. The Jaguars luck is that Gerald is younger then Dennis. Grade for letting him go (with the performance of Alexander added): B+

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