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Tyson Alualu

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My first take is that this is the result of not having a second round choice. Gene had one chance to get one guy he wanted and fell in love with Tyson.  What I don’t get is there were a ton of trade opportunities including moving down a couple of spots.  I am filled with questions, but relieved in the direction we went. There is a strong possibility that Gene and his crew did do great research. Whether we could have played this draft better, I don’t know, but Tyson Alualu is not a player we should regret having. Here is why:

The defensive line is an excellent place to stock great athletes.  It is simply too hard to play against a team that can disrupt the play, pressure the QB and stop the run.  The game becomes fun for everyone, including the fans, when you have a good defensive line.  QB Sacks are second or third as the type of play that brings the crowd to their feet. So regardless of whether it is Tyson Alualu or Dan Williams or whoever, I am encouraged by addressing the defensive line.

The Jaguars had no ability to get to the QB, we know that. What Tyson Alualu is considered good at, based on what I read, is he can get into the backfield and disrupt the play. His combine numbers are similar to Rolando McClain in both speed and strength. Alualu is an top athlete that can play in the trenches.  Drew Broylhart from the Huddle Report says this about him:

 For a defense that runs the conventional 4-3 defense who needs a player who can play multiple positions on your defensive front, drop off the line into coverage and rush the passer using his quickness, strength and speed then those teams also should be rating Tyson on their boards as a top ten pick. There is no style of defense that this kid will not impact in, providing you have a coach who coaches with vision and learns to do the Alualu, Alualu shuffle! I call him Tyson (Waldo) Alualu because he should be moved around your defense to make teams try to find out where he’s lining up for that play. Get ready fans to do the Alualu, Alualu shuffle if you have a smart defensive coordinator!

Other good things I read (tonight, he wasn’t on my radar) is that he has strength to stack up blockers and hold his ground, can close from behind and never stops hustling.

 Tyson Alualu
Source: Yardbarker

There are other warning signs written, but we will not go negative tonight. The only thing I worry about is how much hustling he will do after being handed $15 million?

So what did Gene do? He did what his boss told him, find people who can bring down the quarterback.  Maybe he did what I asked, find a guy who can stop this maddening passing completion percentage against us.  What I know he did do is address the area I wanted addressed, the defensive line.  Did he get the best guy?  I don’t know. Did he get value? I don’t know. Could he have gotten this guy and a second round choice? It sounds like he could have. Tyson Alualu and a second round choice would have sat much much better with me.

- Terry O’Brien

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  • zoltanfrombudapest

    Suprising choice. I like his motor; I like his personality and others.
    I hope the pick will turn out great.
    If so Gene is a geneious. If not… well I don’t want to think about it..
    By the way John Henderson is on the tradeblock with this move!

    Nice work Tery; really nice work!

  • http://12thManRising Andrew Auger

    There is no doubt, you guys f’d up on this one… I feel bad for the Jaguars fan base… and as a Seahawks fan… that is not me mocking you… Ruskell f’d up on plenty of firsts…

    I know your trying to be optimistic… but Dan Williams, Derrick Morgan, hell Jared Odrick…

    I send my condolences to the Los Angeles… I mean Jacksonville Jaguars :(

  • JagSoldier

    This was a huge shocker. Its been ten hours since the pick and I just keep wonderng how the 49ers could trade up to the 11 spot, why didnt we try and make a trade with them first? I would have been happy with what the Broncos gave them. Alualu would still have been available later. Of course I dont know what they know and I still trust Gene. This could be a great pick. We will see.

  • JagHack

    You can’t dance without a partner. The phone wasn’t ringing because teams were not willing to move up that high. You can’t call around asking for a trade because you lose all leverage. Therefore you have to take the guy at the top of your board, which is exactly what Gene did.

    • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

      It did for Denver one spot back. The phone rang off the hook for trades just after the Jaguars. That is what i question.