The worst jerseys in Jaguars history are a no-brainer

Do we really need to go there?
Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans
Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans / Ronald C. Modra/GettyImages

While some NFL fans were complaining that their squads didn't try something new for the color rush jerseys several years ago, Jacksonville Jaguars fans were cringing at the jerseys their team was forced to wear that season.

The aforementioned jerseys were a hideous shade of mustard yellow and then-Jags quarterback Blake Bortles had gone on the record saying he thought they were "ugly as hell". When the quarterback is saying that about the jerseys, you know they're bad.

It should come as no surprise that Christian D'Andrea of For The Win picked those infamous mustard yellow jerseys as Jacksonville's worst jersey in franchise history. In the write-up, there's a photo of then-Jags long snapper Carson Tinker and then-Jags punter Bryan Anger wearing the jerseys to which D'Andrea jokes:

"I have not altered this photo in any way. These uniforms only got worse as you sweat, which surely wouldn’t be a problem in… Florida."

Christian D'Andrea

No one is surprised by Jaguars' worst jersey selection

Yeah, the fact that the players' sweat really shined whenever they wore these jerseys made things even worse. The jerseys were bad enough as is but throwing in the sweat factor just rubbed salt in the wound. It was brutal.

Everyone knew at the time that these Jags jerseys would go down in history, and not in a good way, and not only are they the worst Jaguars jerseys ever, they might be one of the worst NFL jerseys of all-time.

Hey, props to them for trying something different in the color rush era and when looking on the bright side, at least we all know what the worst uniforms are in this team's history. It's an absolute no-brainer.