A win for the Jaguars on Sunday would really establish them as elite

Jacksonville Jaguars v New Orleans Saints
Jacksonville Jaguars v New Orleans Saints / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars are 5-2. It is pretty clear that they are doing a great job of building on their 2022 AFC South Division title. This year, they didn’t have to come back from being 2-6 this year either which is obviously a good start. 

Now, the AFC is a tough place to play at this moment in time. It is going to be very difficult to overcome a conference like that as it seems as if every opponent is tough. Even their AFC South rivals are respectable. 

One of the good teams in the AFC is the Pittsburgh Steelers. They have been a great franchise for a long time and that isn't changing this year. Their offense isn't an unstoppable force by any means but they have a great defense that is hard to break through against.

There is a reason that Pittsburgh is 4-2 and right there for the top seed in the AFC North Division. They have had their bye already so they only trail the 5-2 Baltimore Ravens for the first-place spot in the division. They are a great team that will be a great measuring stick for the Jaguars.

The Jacksonville Jaguars would look really good if they get a big win here.

If they get to 6-2 by beating the Steelers in Pittsburgh, they will really declare themselves an elite team in the league. They already should be thought of as an elite team but the winner of this game will be seen as a step above as they should be.

Although the Steelers are 4-2 and looking good, they have had a slow start on offense. People started chanting for their offensive coordinator to be fired. The chants even made their way into other pro sports in Pittsburgh.

There could be a chance for the Jaguars to expose them in that way. Their defense has been very good and can keep Pittsburgh at bay for most of the game. If Trevor Lawrence and his weapons can make some plays, good things can happen for the Jaguars in this one.

Look for guys Calvin Ridley, Christian Kirk, and Travis Etienne to make an impact in this one. These guys need to hold strong if they are going to get this win. It is going to be a hard game but the Jaguars are finally in a position to win a game like this.