Trevor Lawrence has eye-opening comments about his health last season

2023 didn't sound very fun.
Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans
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With NFL teams going through voluntary offseason workouts, fans are getting to hear from players for the first time since last season ended. Even without a football game in the last four months, there's always something to talk about – like, for instance, the status of Trevor Lawrence's contract negotiations with the Jaguars – and the occasional health update.

And while there weren't too many notable details to chat about on the former, the latter was a bit of a different story. When talking about the health issues that he dealt with last year – which caused him to miss the first game of his three-year career – Lawerence gave some insightful details on just how long it took him to fully recover.

Trevor Lawrence has eye-opening comments about his health last season

It took a while, I'd probably say March," he said. "In March, I felt really good lifting and doing everything normal. I've been so used to the back half of the season adjusting everything. Whether it was workout, throw, or practice. Whatever it was, I'd worked out but still modified. But until March I'd say, that's when I started to feel like 100%, do the stuff that I normally do and get back in the kind of shape I want to be and train the way I wanted to. So yeah, took a little while.

That's a solid 12 weeks from when Lawrence suffered the injury. The good news, at least, is that Lawrence feels 100% healthy now, and is talking with the team about a new contract. The offseason is all about optimism – the panic can come when they start playing football again.