Statistical preview for a messy Jaguars clash vs. Browns in Week 14

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Cincinnati Bengals v Jacksonville Jaguars
Cincinnati Bengals v Jacksonville Jaguars / Mike Carlson/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars travel up to FirstEnergy Stadium to take on a struggling Browns team this Sunday. With injury questions on both teams, along with a sloppy weather forecast, this appears to be a classic December game in Cleveland.

Jaguars Offensive Matchup vs. the Browns

All eyes are on the availability of Trevor Lawrence this Sunday. Prior to his injury, Lawrence was throwing a season-high 12.25 average air yards. He has been over 8.5 average air yards in the last three weeks (since the 49ers loss) and was under 8.5 average air yards in Weeks 1 through 10.

Meanwhile, C.J. Beathard averaged 6.3 average air yards when he came in on Monday Night. However, this would have been higher if the deep pass to wide receiver Calvin Ridley was not called back. If Beathard does start and gets enough time in the pocket, he needs to force the ball down the field at least as much as he did on Monday to help lighten the box.

The Jaguars have struggled to run the ball with any effectiveness the last few weeks. However, for as stout as this Browns defense has been, they have not been dominant against the run. If there was ever a week for the Jaguars run game to get back on track, this is the week.

Defensive Matchup for Week 14

While the Jaguars have suffered their fair share of injuries this week, it is important to remember that the Browns enter this game without their starting quarterback, their All-Pro running back, and very likely their number-one wide receiver, Amari Cooper.

What started as a stout run defense, the Jaguars have allowed over 5.0 yards per carry in each of the last four weeks. While the Browns base most of their offense on the run game, the Jaguars can play this like they did against the Steelers. Respect the run, but allow the Browns to get their yards before forcing third-and-long and clamping down.

Keep an eye out for the statistical recap next week and Go Jags!

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