Statistical preview for the Jaguars bout vs. the Bengals on Monday Night Football

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are hosting the Cincinnati Bengals for the first Monday Night Football matchup in Duval since 2011. While this matchup does not have the same luster as when the schedule was released, this is still an opportunity for the Jaguars to show off in primetime and supplant themselves in the national conversation for the AFC No. 1 seed.

Heading into the game, the Jags are an 8.5-point favorite, but how do they truly stack up against the Cincinnati Bengals? Here's a statistical look at the Week 13 primetime bout.

Jaguars Offensive Matchup vs. the Bengals

Trevor Lawrence and the passing game have vastly improved the last two weeks, with wide receiver Calvin Ridley stringing two impressive performances together. However, tight ends have plagued the Bengals defense in recent weeks.

In their matchups against the Steelers, Texans, and Bills, opposing tight ends who've started have averaged 7.7 receptions for 91 yards. If Evan Engram can match these statistics, he will reach his season-high in receiving yards as he looks for his first touchdown this season.

The Jaguars’ rushing game has struggled in recent weeks. With Travis Etienne limited in practice this week with a rib injury, expect D’Ernest Johnson and Tank Bigsby to take more of the rushing and pass-blocking load, especially if the Jaguars have a comfortable lead in the game.

Defensive Matchup vs. Cincy In Week 13

Obviously, the Bengals' offensive stats are now heavily irrelevant with the Joe Burrow injury and season-long absence. There's just a one-game sample size of Jake Browning as the Bengals starting quarterback (Week 12 versus the Steelers).

The Bengals offense had 40 run or pass plays. Of those, 10 were run plays and 30 were pass plays. On the 10 run plays, the Bengals averaged 2.6 yards per carry with a long attempt of 6.0 yards.

Passing-wise, the Bengals will get a boost, as Tee Higgins returns after missing the last three weeks due to injury. Browning averaged 5.1 air yards per attempt (Trevor’s season-low is 6.1). Browning was also sacked four times, fumbling once but it was recovered by the Bengals. Josh Allen faces another favorable matchup against Orlando Brown Jr.

The defensive game plan seems straightforward and in the Jaguars’ favor. Continue to focus on stopping the run first. The Bengals receivers do offer a threat downfield; however, the Jaguars should not be scared to be aggressive in the passing game.

Keep an eye out for the statistical recap next week and Go Jags!

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