Ranking the 2021 NFL Draft quarterback class: Guess where Trevor Lawrence lands

• 10 QBs were picked in the 2023 NFL Draft

• The Jaguars went with Trevor Lawrence

• How does he stack up against his peers

Apr 29, 2021; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announces Trevor Lawrence
Apr 29, 2021; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announces Trevor Lawrence / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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The 2021 NFL Draft was supposed to be a good one for teams in need of quarterback help. The Jacksonville Jaguars, for their part, selected Trevor Lawrence with the first overall selection. Two years later, it's fair to say that the Jags found a long-term answer at the position after searching for years. But what about all the other signal-callers who came out of the same class?

In total, 10 quarterbacks were chosen in 2021 and not all of them have enjoyed the same level of success Lawrence has had. Now, it would be unrealistic to expect those drafted in later rounds to turn into solid starters but how about those picked in the first round? How do they stack up against Lawrence in 2023?

With that in mind, here's a ranking of all the quarterbacks who came out of the 2021 draft.

No. 10 quarterback to come out of the 2021 NFL Draft: Kellen Mond, Round 3, pick 66

Heading into the 2021 draft, Kellen Mond seemed like a solid developmental prospect and a potential sleeper. When he landed with the Minnesota Vikings, it appeared to be the perfect situation for him. Behind Kirk Cousins, he could hone his skills and learn the finer points of the position.

This is why it was telling when then-head coach Mike Zimmer wasn't particularly interested in seeing Mond get playing time once the Vikes had been eliminated from playoff contention in 2021. Why would a club that invested an early-round pick on him not want to see what he could do on the field?

In the end, Zimmer was gone the following offseason and the Vikings also gave Mond the boot before the start of the 2022. The former Texas A&M Auggie was recently on and off the Cleveland Browns practice squad but is currently without a team.

No. 9 QB to come out of the 2021 NFL Draft: Ian Book, Round 4, pick 133

You could argue that things haven't gone great for Ian Book when you consider that he's not currently on any active NFL roster. The former Notre Dame Fighting Irish was taken in Round 4 by the New England Saints and waived one year later. He spent the 2022 season with the Philadelphia Eagles and landed in the New England Patriots practice squad earlier this year.

Book did make one start for the New Orleans Saints in his rookie season. However, it wasn't a great outing, as he went on to throw two interceptions. At this stage of his career, he projects as a journeyman quarterback, the kind teams call in case of emergency to fill a roster spot.