Predicting every national TV game for Jaguars this season

Dec 31, 2023; Jacksonville, Florida, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars running back Travis Etienne Jr. (1)
Dec 31, 2023; Jacksonville, Florida, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars running back Travis Etienne Jr. (1) / Morgan Tencza-USA TODAY Sports

We don't know when the Jacksonville Jaguars will play each game in 2024, but we know who they'll play this year. Will any of those games be good enough to make it to primetime?

Last year, the Jaguars were the big shot during the offseason and it was for a good reason. They had won the AFC South the previous year and won a playoff game while Trevor Lawrence looked the part of a number one overall pick. Unfortunately, the 2023 season didn't go according to plan with the Jaguars missing the postseason.

They should still get at least one primetime game on their schedule in 2024 so who could they be squaring off against in those games?

Potential Jaguars primetime games in 2024

Vs. AFC South rival

It feels likely that if the Jaguars get a primetime game or two that at least one of those would come against a division rival. The Texans are the new NFL darlings and will get their fair share of standalone games but that could still be fun to pit them against each other under the bright lights of primetime.

The Colts have been a team in recent years that the Jags have been able to play hard (even when they had no business doing so) while the Titans are coming off a disappointing year. Last year, the Texans and Colts were two of four teams that didn't have a primetime game but that won't be the case for either of them in 2024. Don't be shocked if the Jags get a night game against one of their divisional foes.

At Miami Dolphins

It might be fun to have a "Battle of Florida" in primetime, pitting the Jaguars against the Dolphins. Both teams have fun offenses and this could be a sneaky-good match-up.

While it would be cool to see the Jags go up against a team like the Bills or Jets in a standalone game, those two teams will get plenty of primetime action so I wouldn't count on the NFL scheduling the Jags as a primetime opponent for those two teams.