NFL Honors voters show appreciation for Jaguars WR Calvin Ridley

• Calvin Ridley spent 2022 away from football

• He showed last season that he's still got it.

• NFL Honor voters recognized him

Jacksonville Jaguars Calvin Ridley (0) hauls in a pass over the head of Pittsburgh Steelers Damontae
Jacksonville Jaguars Calvin Ridley (0) hauls in a pass over the head of Pittsburgh Steelers Damontae / Michael Longo/For USA Today Network /

Outside linebacker Josh Allen didn't get a single vote for Defensive Player of the Year in 2024. Surprisingly, teammate Calvin Ridley got three votes for Comeback Player of the Year. While Joe Flacco ended up winning the category by a wide margin, it showed voters hold Ridley in high regard. Also, it confirmed the Jacksonville Jaguars made the right call when they traded for him in 2022.

Ridley finished seventh in voting but getting consideration is an accomplishment in itself. Having spent the 2022 season away from football, it was uncertain if he was going to be able to recapture the success he enjoyed early in his career. He did. While he was a bit quiet at times, the Alabama product finished the year with 76 catches for 1,016 yards with eight touchdowns. On top of that, he drew a league-high seven defensive pass interference calls in his favor.

It's fair to say that Ridley gave the Jags a true No. 1 receiver last year. Granted, he dealt with drops and his rapport with Trevor Lawrence wasn't the best but he still managed to make an impact. Having said that, he had no chance of winning the Comeback Player of the Year award.

Flacco spent the early part of the season on his couch before the Cleveland Browns gave him a call. At the time, they were running out of healthy quarterbacks, with Deshaun Watson, Dorian Thompson-Robinson, and P.J. Walker dealing with injuries. Flacco came in and did enough to help the Browns qualify for the postseason.

While voters got it right with Flacco, Damar Hamlin (140 votes), and Baker Mayfield (93) also had solid cases. The former went into cardiac arrest in the middle of a playoff game last year while Mayfield enjoyed a career revival with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

It's also worth noting that running back Travis Etienne got one vote for Offensive Player of the Year despite the fact that he didn't have nearly the same impact he had in 2022. Still, it was encouraging to see Etienne get a bit of recogntion playing behind a porous offensive line.

The Jaguars surely wanted to see more of their players make the NFL Honors

Myles Garrett deserved to win Defensive Player of the Year but it was odd that Josh Allen was outright snubbed despite the fact that he registered 17.5 sacks, two forced fumbles, and an interception. You would think that would be enough to get a few votes cast his way but that wasn't the case. Perhaps he didn't get a single one because the Jaguars lack a national presence and he wasn't as dominant in previous years.

If Allen is able to build on his 2023 success, there's no reason he should get consideration for DPOY honors next year. He showed last season just how dominant he was and if he's able to follow it up, it will be hard to overlook him.

Also absent from the NFL Honors was Trevor Lawrence. He certainly didn't play well enough in 2023 to garner consideration but that's because he dealt with injuries and wasn't granted ideal protection. If he manages to stay healthy and the team's brass reinforces the offensive trenches, he should get back on track next season.

In the end, the Jacksonville Jaguars' inability to make the playoffs was reflected in their lack of representation in the NFL Honors. Maybe if they steer the ship in the right direction, Trevor Lawrence and Josh Allen will warrant enough consideration for their respective categories in 2025.

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