Looking into Jacksonville Jaguars rookie extension candidates and what they might get

• The 2021 draft class has played a huge role in the Jaguars' success the past two years. They're now eligible for extensions. Here's a projection of what they could potentially get.

Former Clemson teammates Travis Etienne and Trevor Lawrence and now Jacksonville Jaguars teammates
Former Clemson teammates Travis Etienne and Trevor Lawrence and now Jacksonville Jaguars teammates / Bob Self via Imagn Content Services, LLC
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1. Trevor Lawrence, 1st round, 1st overall

Football is a team sport but no position has more influence on the outcome of the game than quarterback. That's why you'll see clubs rush to pay for even a mediocre one if that means their chances of winning will go up at least a bit. And when it comes to salaries in the NFL, the best signal-caller doesn't get the best deal. Rather, the next quarterback in line for a contract raises the bar.

It's true that there are exceptions but quarterbacks, at least the top 15 ones, get a better contract than the one of his peers got before him. In Trevor Lawrence's case, the Jaguars face a conundrum. After his stellar 2022 campaign, it looked like he was poised to get a deal that paid him an average of $55 million per year. The trouble is that he wasn't eligible for an extension until 2024.

Lawrence has stated that he would like to get a new contract but it's not his top priority. Had he played last year as well as he did in 2022, he wouldn't have had trouble surpassing the deals Jalen Hurts, Lamar Jackson, Justin Herbert, and Joe Burrow got. However, he's coming off a somewhat disappointing season, so his value isn't nearly as high as he would probably like.

For that reason, it would be better for Lawrence to rebuild his stock and wait until 2025 to get paid. Having said that, the Jags will most likely pick up his fifth-year options. And when you add that they have more pressing needs, giving the star quarterback won't be among the team's top priorities this offseason.

In fact, the Jaguars could easily slap Trevor Lawrence with the franchise tag in 2026. It doesn't mean they will but a contract extension for the fourth-year quarterback seems unlikely in 2024.

Projection for 2024: 5th year option worth $21.9 M

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