Jaguars won't be shopping for safeties in 2024 after re-signing Daniel Thomas

• The Jaguars are keeping their safety room together by re-signing Daniel Thomas
Oct 1, 2023; London, United Kingdom;  Jacksonville Jaguars safety Daniel Thomas (20) leaves the
Oct 1, 2023; London, United Kingdom; Jacksonville Jaguars safety Daniel Thomas (20) leaves the / Peter van den Berg-USA TODAY Sports

Clubs in need of safety help will have plenty of options. The Jacksonville Jaguars won't be one of those teams, though. Even though they released Rayshawn Jenkins in a cost-saving move, they don't have a need at the position. In fact, they seem comfortable with their current group, which is why they re-signed Daniel Thomas.

The Jaguars are bringing Thomas back, per Ian Rapoport of NFL Media. The terms of the contract aren't publicly available but it should be an affordable amount. A fifth-round pick in the 2020 draft, Thomas showed flashes as a rookie but an arm injury cut his season short. He went on to take a reserve role with the arrival of Rayshawn Jenkins and then-rookie Andre Cisco in 2021.

Although Thomas hasn't made a start since 2022, he's carved a niche as a gunner on special teams. He turned heads around the league with his effort against the Baltimore Ravens last year.

With Thomas back in the fold, the Jaguars' safety room is composed of Andre Cisco, sophomore Antonio Johnson, Andrew Wingard, and Daniel Thomas. Johnson mostly lined up in the slot last year but Jenkins' departure will pave the way for him to start next to Cisco. Wingard will be No. 3, with Thomas mostly playing on special teams.

The Jaguars will pass on the safety position in free agency

The Jaguars could look for safety help in the open market. As Ari Meirov of The 33 Team noted, this year's free-agent class will be robust, with Justin Simmons becoming available after getting released by the Denver Broncos.

Similarly, Geno Stone, an important cog for the Baltimore Ravens last year is expected to hit the open market. Kyle Dugger will get the transition tag but clubs could inquire about him without having to give up any kind of compensation. Here's the list of all the safeties that will tentatively be available come the start of free agency.

As you can see, Rayshawn Jenkins made the cut but there will be much better players available in the open market. The truth is that he was a fine player in Jacksonville but not good enough to keep him around next season. His salary of $12.2 million for 2024 was too much, and the prospect of creating $5.1 million in space was too good to pass up.

It will be interesting to see what kind of market there is for safety veterans. The Jaguars have a surplus at the position, so they won't inquire unless they suffer an injury. It wouldn't be a bad idea to draft a developmental prospect on Day 3. But even then, they're in good shape, so it wouldn't be shocking if they skip the position altogether after re-signing Daniel Thomas.

With Ezra Cleveland and Daniel Thomas back, the Jacksonville Jaguars should next turn their attention to Calvin Ridley. Re-signing him won't be easy but it would ensure they have continuity on offense next season. Conversely, letting him walk would create a need at receiver.

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