Jaguars wide receivers of the century: 3 great and 2 fails

Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Jimmy Smith (R) catc
Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Jimmy Smith (R) catc / STEPHEN JAFFE/GettyImages
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There are a lot of expectations for the passing game out of Jacksonville, probably the highest of any Jaguars team this century. With a quarterback progeny heading into his third season, an accomplished coach, and young, hungry players all over the field, the Jags are ready. After a surprise and successful 2022 season accompanied by a deep playoff run, the Jaguars are poised, set, and have something to prove.

To compliment Trevor Lawrence, the Jacksonville Jaguars have one of the most intriguing wide receiver corps in the NFL going into the 2023 season. They may be the best group of receivers the Jaguars have ever seen, so how do they stack up against some of the former players to catch passes in Jacksonville? Let's look at the three greatest Jaguars wide receivers and two of the biggest fails of this century and see how this year's corps stacks up.

Jaguars No. 3 great WR of the century: Allen Robinson II

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Allen Robinson was the third draft pick and the second wide receiver selected by the Jaguars in 2014. Playing his entire rookie contract in Jacksonville before leaving via free agency for the Bears, Robinson was one of the reasons for the Jaguars' 2017 success.

Despite being dragged down by Blake Bortles' poor completion percentage, Robinson totaled 202 receptions in his four seasons. He is one of only two Jaguars with 200 receptions to carry a 14-yard-per-reception average. He makes the trio of great Jaguars receivers because of his 22 touchdowns; Robinson caught a touchdown every ten receptions.

Robinson would go on to have an excellent career and is still playing in 2023. The Penn State all-American is back in Pennsylvania, suiting up for the Pittsburgh Steelers. With over 500 receptions and counting, it is easy to see how he ended up as one of the Jaguars' best receivers of the century, even if he only played there for four years.