Jaguars unveil renovation plans for TIAA Bank Field: 3 takeaways

Jun 12, 2018; Jacksonville, FL, USA; A view of the outside of the stadium at TIAA Bank Field.
Jun 12, 2018; Jacksonville, FL, USA; A view of the outside of the stadium at TIAA Bank Field. / Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

You have probably read about the proposed renovation plans for TIAA Bank Field. Heck, you must have already watched the video presentation the Jacksonville Jaguars put together. You might have even taken a look at social media to see what others think about the proposal and if you did, you probably saw that fans are pretty excited.

Basically, the renovations will cost between $1.3 billion and $1.4 million but the final price tag is expected to go up because of the investments around the Bank. Jaguars team president Mark Lamping says that building a new stadium would have cost an additional $1 million and sees the current plan as "the least disruptive way to go".

Among the things the renovations include are:

  • Walking and cycling trails.
  • Interactive social bars
  • 185% increase in the main concourse area, a 260% increase in the upper concourse surface area
  • 13 elevators, 32 new escalators
  • 220 new food and beverage points of sale

Back in 2014, the Jaguars added two pools and large video boards to the stadium as a part of a $63 million renovation and they're expected to remain in place. If the plan is approved, Lamping says that major construction would begin in 2026. For the time being, here are three immediate takeaways from the planned renovations to TIAA Bank Field.

3. The Jaguars must decide which renovation plan is the best

Renovations could take two or four years and the organization must decide which proposal is the best. If they opt for the two-year plan, they would need to find a temporary venue to play. The Jags are currently one of the hottest teams in the league and fans would not get to witness what figures to be an exciting period. This would be frustrating, especially if they make a deep playoff run. Imagine them hosting the AFC South in a non-TIAA Bank Field venue.

On the other hand, renovations could take four years and the Jaguars could play at the Bank while it undergoes changes. The downside of this proposal is that the bill would go up by about $125 million. The team must choose the one with the most upside. The good news is that they have time to make a decision.

2. The renovations to TIAA Bank Field will make it a more appealing for non-Jaguars events

Jaguars owner isn't interested in hosting the Super Bowl but he would certainly be thrilled to see the Bank host the draft. Having a state-of-the art stadium could help him achieve the goal. Similarly, the renovations would make the Bank a more appealing venue for non-football events.

The stadiums for the 2026 World Cup have already been assigned but TIAA Bank Field could host over big soccer events such as Concacaf Champions, Copa de Oro and Copa America. Moreover, All Elite Wresting events could become the norm.

1. This is the time to make renovations to TIAA Bank Field

Coming off a highly successful season, the Jaguars aren't a one-year wonder. They're built to consistently be a perennial contender with head coach Doug Pederson leading the way. On top of that, they have a highly marketable (and darn good) quarterback in Trevor Lawrence. If the Jags keep winning they'll become the talk of the town, so it's only fair that they have a new stadium to play at.

While negotiations started a while back, now is the time to go along with it. Imagine if they had unveiled the plan when the Jaguars were 1-15? Fans would have surely been less receptive.

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