Jaguars rookie RT Anton Harrison getting better every single day

• RT Anton Harrison is expected to start for the Jaguars since Day 1

• So far, he's had a strong hold of his new position

Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle Anton Harrison (76) and first round draft pick stretches.
Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle Anton Harrison (76) and first round draft pick stretches. / Bob Self / USA TODAY NETWORK

Most players experience an adjustment period when they make the leap from college to the pros. But so far, rookie right tackle Anton Harrison has done everything that's been expected from him and is on track to start for the Jacksonville Jaguars on Day 1 of the 2023 season.

Offensive coordinator Press Taylor on Day 5 of training camp and said that Harrison still has to undergo lots of growth but he's gotten better each and every day.

"The biggest thing that is expected of him is he gets better every single day," Taylor said. "You want to continue to push him, continue to see that growth, keep coming. We don't expect him to be where he is. We don't expect today where he's going to be Week 1. We want to see a lot of growth from that time and so far, we've seen that day-to-day with him."

Taylor also said the coaching staff wants to see who steps up on the offensive line as the intensity ramps up heading into the season opener.

"Playing Week 1 on shorts and T-shirt is really not what the linemen envision football being like but you certainly get a feel for targeting, for understanding of what we're asking them to do. But now the physicality becomes real. You want to see who steps up, who rises to the challenge. Or does their technique go out of the window because now it's a little bit more physical?", Taylor said.

Taylor continued, "Each week through this preseason, everything ramps up each week, so you eventually line up across from somebody else, but then the difference from preseason to Week 1 is a huge step as well. So there's going to be a continued growth, especially with these young guys."

Harrison mostly lined up at left tackle in college but he will be playing on the right side for the Jaguars. While he will most likely have growing pains as the season progresses, it looks like he's up to the challenge based on everything teammates and coaches had said about him. Fellow offensive tackle Cam Robinson, for one, believes the Oklahoma product will be a great player for the Jaguars. He also says he reminds him of former teammate Jawaan Taylor, now with the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Jaguars have high expectations for Anton Harrison in Year 1

Not only is Anton Harrison making the adjustment to the NFL but he's also switching positions. The good news is that the Jaguars believe he's capable of being a starting right tackle. Otherwise, they wouldn't have drafted him 27th overall, right?

The fact that Harrison will be lining up next to veteran Brandon Scherff should help him in his transition. Similarly, offensive line coach Phil Rauscher has done a good job mentoring his players, so Harrison will have the best possible tutelage in his rookie year.

As Press Taylor noted, Anton Harrison will need to show out during the preseason but if he continues to improve the way he was throughout the offseason, he will be ready to face whatever challenges he encounters as a rookie.

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