Jaguars rumors: Hey, Jason Pierre-Paul! Come to Jacksonville

pass rushing legend is coming out of retirement for a spot on a playoff contender
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Veteran NFL defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul is reportedly open to signing a practice squad contract with a postseason contender. If so, the club-handed pass-rushing monster should consider coming to Duval! Could the Jacksonville Jaguars be the perfect fit? 

Pierre-Paul, with a notable 94.5 career sacks, has had a vast and successful career in the NFL. With eight seasons under the Giants, four with the Buccaneers, and recently a year at the Ravens, he has proven to be a consistent contributor on the field.

However, his role has shifted, and he's no longer the star player he once was. This doesn't mean his value has diminished; his experience and skills could be a great asset in a supportive role, especially for a team eyeing the postseason.

According to NFL Media's Ian Rapoport, Pierre-Paul is willing to join a practice squad, a surprising move for a player of his caliber. At 34, he may not be the most attractive option for teams looking for fresh talent, but his experience and potential to provide depth to the roster make him a viable prospect for teams needing a solid defensive end.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of many teams Jason Pierre-Paul could help

The Jaguars, Buffalo Bills, and Kansas City Chiefs are contending teams that might consider Pierre-Paul's services. They could benefit from additional depth in their pass-rusher positions. JPP's experience and flexibility in accepting a practice squad role could be a valuable addition to the team.

If you have been following the Jags, you know how hard they have been working to get the pass rush they so desperately need. Outside linebacker Josh Allen is a hero but can't do it all himself. 

While the Jaguars are a possible destination, Pierre-Paul's situation allows him to choose where he fits best. However, he's likely aware that he can't be too selective if he wants to see field action this season.

Pierre-Paul's career stats speak volumes about his potential contribution to a team. With 94 sacks, 21 forced fumbles, and 630 tackles in 179 games, he has consistently shown his ability to make crucial plays. His willingness to negotiate and accept a smaller role on the practice squad shows his dedication to the sport and his adaptability as a player.

Envisioning Pierre-Paul in a Jaguars jersey isn't far-fetched. His experience and potential contribution to the team could significantly enhance the Jaguars' pass-rushing depth. Also, his veteran voice in the locker room could prove invaluable during the postseason.

Even if he's not the game-changing player he once was, Pierre-Paul could still make a crucial play during the postseason. His experience and knowledge of the game could prove beneficial in high-pressure situations.

There's no denying that Jason Pierre-Paul's experience and skills could greatly benefit the Jacksonville Jaguars. His potential impact on the team, both on and off the field, he has two Super Bowl rings could be what the Jags need to bolster their postseason run.

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