Jaguars News: This Doug Pederson quote is extremely exciting

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The Jacksonville Jaguars started the 2022 season 2-6. It looked like it was going to be another year of building that ended with a top-five pick. However, they turned things around and that ended up not being the case.

They came all the way back to win the AFC South which earned them a berth in the postseason. They got to host the Los Angeles Chargers on Super Wild Card Weekend. After going down 27-0 in the game, it seemed like they were just happy to be there.

Remarkably, they came all the way back to win the football game and advance to the Division Round. There, they were defeated by the eventual Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs. It was a heartbreaking loss but one they can build on going forward.

Now, the team will have another year of great experience in addition to some nice roster upgrades. There is a chance that the Super Bowl is a realistic goal halfway through the 2023 season. They are in an incredibly difficult AFC but that will add to their competitive edge needed to win it all.

Doug Pederson believes in the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise now.

On Wednesday, the Jaguars released a quote on Twitter from head coach Doug Pederson that is incredibly exciting. It makes you really want the 2023 season to arrive so that they can try and take another big step as an organization.

Obviously, based on that quote, Pederson believes in this group. He knows that there is work to be done but they can start thinking about the ultimate goal now.

The Jaguars are a team that has been a laughing stock for most of its history but it is time to change that narrative. Pederson is a Super Bowl-winning coach that knows what it takes so it is good to see him in this mindset now.

Putting the pedal to the metal is what this team needs to do now. It is rare to have a quarterback like Trevor Lawrence come through and they got him for a long time. They need to take advantage. Windows aren't open for long in the NFL so now is the time to take their opportunity.

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