Jaguars News: This injury announcement could change the course of the AFC

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars are a good team. They believe that they can win the AFC South this season and make a run in the playoffs. With the roster they have, it shouldn’t shock anyone if they do this. 

Their first week is going to be a battle for the Jaguars against the Indianapolis Colts. This divisional matchup is going to set the tone for the entire season. 

Beyond that, the Jaguars have a very tough schedule. It is a first-place schedule for sure. Part of that is playing the defending Super Bowl champions in the Kansas City Chiefs in Week Two. 

Of course, you never want to look past an opponent, but it is hard to avoid thinking about that second game. The Chiefs are the team that ended the run for the Jaguars in the playoffs last season. 

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs both have great teams.

Now, there might be a new wrinkle that can change this game and the entire outlook of the AFC. Football is a team game of course but certain injuries could change the entire course of a season. 

On Tuesday, we learned that superstar tight end Travis Kelce hyperextended his knee in practice. He is now questionable for their week one game against the Detroit Lions on Thursday night. 

Whether he plays or not will change the conversation surrounding the upcoming matchup between the Jaguars and Chiefs. He is the most important player on their team not named Patrick Mahomes. 

We know Mahomes is elite no matter what but having a tight end like Kelce absolutely changes the offense and how lethal they can really be. 

The Jaguars only lost to the Chiefs by 7 last year in the playoffs. The defense on Kansas City was also better. With some development to Trevor Lawrence’s game plus all his weapons that he has now, they might be able to do this. 

Yes, the game against the Colts is the most important thing right now. They need to win this game and start 1-0. If that happens, they will then look toward the Chiefs. They will be paying attention to Kelce’s status with great interest as they prepare. 

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