Jaguars legend Jimmy Smith overlooked in The 33rd list of potential Hall of Famers

The 33rd Team recently put together a list Canton-bound players and one notable omission was Jacksonville Jaguars legend Jimmy Smith, who has the credentials to be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame but consistently gets overlooked.

Sep 11, 2005; Jacksonville, FL USA; Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Jimmy Smith celebrates his second TD.
Sep 11, 2005; Jacksonville, FL USA; Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Jimmy Smith celebrates his second TD. / USA TODAY Sports

Even though former Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Jimmy Smith has the resume to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he consistently gets overlooked. Just recently, The 33rd Team put together a list of Canton-bound players and Smith's omission was notable.

Among wideouts The 33rd Team thinks should be enshrined are Brandon Marshall, Larry Fitzgerald and Antonio Brown. Fitzgerald is without a lock to get inducted while Brown would have had a strong case if his off-field shanenigans hadn't derailed his NFL career. Marshall is also a worthy candidate but he was not better than Smith on his prime.

Make no mistake, Marshall should also get consideration to get in. This isn't a question of either-or, it would be great to see the four wideouts make the cut but not bringing up Smith when discussing the top receivers that deserve to get into the HOF is a bit surprising. After all, he was unstoppable when he was in his prime.

Remember the 2000 Baltimore Ravens? They are one of the best defenses in league history and that year, they gave up a jaw-dropping 10.3 points and 247.9 total yards per game. Yet, Smith torched their secondary for 291 receiving yards when he faced them.

Jaguars WR Jimmy Smith needs to make the Pro Football Hall of Fame

The Jaguars finally got represented in the HOF when Tony Boselli was inducted. However, it shouldn't stop there. Fred Taylor could have a harder time convincing the panel of voters because there were other running back that dominated when he played. On the other hand, Jimmy Smith consistently dominated the competition.

Smith never got a First-Team All-Pro designation but he made the Pro Bowl five times during his career. Working against him is that the Jags were one of the top teams early in his stint with Jacksonville but not nearly as good in the early 2000s.

Then again, the HOF is about individual accomplishments and Smith has the numbers to deserve consideration: 862 catches, 12,287 receiving yards, and 67 touchdowns. That's some pretty good production right there and in case that's not enough, the next stat is proof the Michigan native was an elite wide receiver.

As John Shipley of Sports Illustrated recently noted, it's possible that now that the Jaguars are one of the hottest teams in the league, Smith's candidate will get a boost.

But whether it's next year or in a couple, the HOF can't keep putting off Jimmy Smith's enshrinement and recognition as one of the best receivers to ever play the game.

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