The Jaguars have this major advantage in almost every game

Jacksonville Jaguars v Pittsburgh Steelers
Jacksonville Jaguars v Pittsburgh Steelers / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars are tied with a few other teams for the top spot in the AFC right now. Wouldn't having a bye-week in the first round of the playoffs be so amazing for this team? As of right now, that should absolutely be their goal.

Winning as many games as possible and trying to take advantage of this amazing start is absolutely what they need to do. You never know how long a competitive window stays open in this league. Things can change so fast so you have to go for it when you can.

The Jaguars hope to have some sustained success but that doesn't mean that each year is sacred started now. It is all because of their quarterback, Trevor Lawrence. When the Jaguars took him with the number one pick in 2021, everything changed for them.

When he is there, the Jaguars have a chance to win every game. They have an advantage at quarterback in almost every game they play. Obviously, teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, and Cincinnati Bengals amongst a few others feel the same way but the Jags are good with Lawrence.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have an advantage in almost every game they play.

No team in the AFC is definitively better right now than the Jaguars. There is a lot of football to be played but they love having this advantage at quarterback at almost every game. It should be so fun to see how Lawrence plays in the playoffs now that he has last year's experience.

There was a little bit of an injury scare ahead of their game two weeks ago but he ended up playing. Now, the Jaguars have won both games since. They are now on a bye which will allow Trevor to get back to feeling 100 percent. That is great news for him and the team.

When Trevor and the boys return, they will have one of their hardest tests yet. They will face the San Francisco 49ers. They are considered to be one of the best teams in the NFL right now but have remarkably lost three straight. Both of these teams have a lot to prove in this upcoming game.

Lawrence has been a winner his entire life. In high school, college, and now the NFL, he has won more games than he's lost (outside of his rookie NFL season with a bad coach/team). The Jaguars are hoping that this continues.