Jaguars GM Trent Baalke wanted assurances to trade with Bills in the 2023 NFL Draft

Jaguars general manager Trent Baalke talks to media during a pre-draft luncheon on Thursday, April.
Jaguars general manager Trent Baalke talks to media during a pre-draft luncheon on Thursday, April. / Juston Lewis/Florida Times-Union / USA

Forging relationships around the league is paramount to have success in the NFL. Knowing the right person can help you learn about another team's plans, which in turn can help you calibrate your strategy. For instance, the Jacksonville Jaguars traded down a handful of times in the 2023 NFL Draft but Trent Baalke only agreed to give the Buffalo Bills the 25th overall pick if general manager Brandon Beane told him which player they wanted to take.

Beane recently made an appearance on Green Light and told host Chris Long that Baalke would only do business with him if he told him what prospect the Bills were targeting, which ended up being Utah tight end Dalton Kincaid.

"So Trent Baalke, the GM, he says, 'you're gonna have to tell me who you're taking", Beane told Long. "I was like, 'Trent, I don't necessarily want to tell you who I'm taking". To which Baalke replied, "We're going to have to figure this out some way or another because if I don't know that you're not taking my guy, I'm not moving back".

"Ok, so he then goes 'offense or defense', and I said offense. And he goes, 'alright, I need more', then he goes, 'Big or small' and I said medium. He goes, 'Are you taking a tight end?' and I said, yeah, and he goes, 'alright, let me call you right back'. Well, it's like the longest two minutes and he still hasn't called. Now, I'm hearing Jacksonville is on the clock, so I called him back, and I'm like 'Trent, I'm telling you, we're not taking the same guy. I think I know where you're heading. We're not taking the same guy and you're going to get him'.He was nervous about it. I'm glad he got his guy. Wouldn't want it to work against him", Beane said.

The Jaguars entered the first round with the 24th overall pick but moved down one spot after agreeing to a trade with the Giants. They didn't hold pick 25 for too long though, as Buffalo came in, as Beane recounted. In the end, the trade worked out well for both the Bills and Jacksonville as Beane got Kincaid while the Jags landed offensive tackle Anton Harrison, who's set to start in 2023.

The Jaguars did a good job of amassing picks and getting their guys in the 2023 Draft

The Jacksonville Jaguars traded several times throughout the draft and ended up picking 13 players after originally having just nine. Beane's anecdote puts on display the kind of work front offices have to do behind the scenes to strike deals and that was just one trade. Trent Baalke pulled off four during the three days the draft lasted, which must have not been an easy task.

All things considered, this was a good haul by Baalke. Maybe the Jaguars' draft class doesn't look as great as the Lions' or the Eagles' because it lacks name recognition but the truth is that Baalke did a good job of adding depth to several position groups and although it's hard to see all 13 picks (and 10 undrafted free agents) making the 53-man roster, the team now have star power and depth to withstand a few injuries.

The Jacksonville Jaguars needed to restock their roster in this year's draft and they managed to come out with several intriguing players. All thanks to Baalke's ability to make trades with other teams.

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