Jaguars giving Josh Allen mega extension reignites feud between NFL insiders

• Jaguars OLB Josh Allen got a massive extension

• It was first reported it was worth $150 M

• A prominent NFL voice took issue with the reporting

Dec 31, 2023; Jacksonville, Florida, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars outside linebacker Josh Allen (41)
Dec 31, 2023; Jacksonville, Florida, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars outside linebacker Josh Allen (41) / Morgan Tencza-USA TODAY Sports

Outside linebacker Josh Allen had a breakout season in 2023. The Jacksonville Jaguars rewarded him with a massive contract that reflects his status as one of the best pass rushers of the league. While the contract was worth slightly less than the $150 million Adam Schefter of ESPN reported, Allen still got a fairly high amount. Nevertheless, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk took issue with Schefter's reporting and took to social media to show his displeasure.

Originally reported to be a five-year, $150 million deal, it was later revealed that the base amount was $141.25 million. Allen can still get the whole $150 million but only if he reaches certain performance-based incentives.

Specifically, Allen needs to have 17.5 sacks or more every year. Also, must either make the Pro Bowl or earn a First-Team All-Pro designation. While doable, it will be hard to hit those incentives.

PFT originally ran with the amount Schefter reported but said to the New York Post that ESPN stuck to the false characterization of the deal even after he had provided context. That's where he took issue.

Allen entered a contract year in 2023. While he had flashed dominance at times in previous seasons, he wasn't as consistent as the Jaguars expected. That's why they wanted him to play out his contract before they gave him an extension. Allen delivered, registering 17.5 sacks and earning the second Pro Bowl nod of his career.

Negotiations between the Jaguars and Allen's camp didn't start right after the season ended. They couldn't strike a deal before free agency, so they used the franchise tag on Allen. Although talks remained positive, Allen was seemingly frustrated with how things were playing out, so he posted about his dissatisfaction on social media in early April. This might've been a wake-up call for the front office. as they struck a deal not long after.

Jaguars OLB Josh Allen is still one of the highest-paid pass rushers

This may not seem like a big deal. It's true that the original report lacked the nuances of Florio's breakdown but it feels like he went out of his way to call out Schefter. Josh Allen, for one, didn't seem to be bothered when the extension was announced. Similarly, he didn't bring the issue up when he spoke to the local media.

As NYP noted, this isn't the first time Florio has taken aim at Schefter's reports. For instance, they brought up the time Florio showed displeasure with Schefter's characterization of Detriot Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson's interview process for head coach openings early in the offseason.

In all honesty, this looks like nothing more than a good ol' grudge. By his own admission, Florio used to be friends with Schefter but they no longer are. Perhaps this is why he takes issue with his reporting any time he can. In all fairness, Schefter hasn't always had tact when breaking news, and he, like anyone, deserves criticism when he isn't accurate. That said, Florio is making it a bigger deal than it probably was.

In the end, Josh Allen got the contract he wanted. It took a bit more than it should've but the Jaguars got it done, and that's what matters, even if the original report missed key context.

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