Jaguars endure the worst-case scenario in this 2024 NFL Mock Draft

• There's no way the Jaguars can mess up the 2024 NFL Draft... right?
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The Jacksonville Jaguars took care of several key needs in free agency. Next, they'll need to keep loading up on talent in the 2024 NFL Draft. Working in their favor is that there are multiple directions the front office can take to fill the remaining holes. That said, there are no guarantees in the draft.

The Jags, in particular, have had a somewhat encouraging track record in the first round the past three years. However, their success rate decreases considerably in the later rounds. This begs the question, will Jacksonville be able to come out with a handful of playmakers, or will they squander most of their picks? This NFL Mock Draft explores the latter scenario.

Round 1, pick 17: Jackson Powers-Johnson

  • Oregon, center

Before free agency, center Jackson Powers-Johnson was a trendy pick for the Jaguars at No. 17. This was a bit surprising for a handful of reasons. For starters, center isn't a premium position and teams can usually find a good one on Day 2 of the draft. Moreover, Jacksonville had bigger needs.

Make no mistake, Powers-Johnson is a fine player, a potential plug-in starter who'll provide stability on the interior offensive line for the next ten years. However, he isn't even the consensus top center in the draft. Heck, he may not even go in the first round. Either way, it would be odd to see the Jags taking the former Oregon Duck at No. 17, especially after signing Mitch Morse in free agency.

It's true that Morse isn't the long-term answer at center, but the Jaguars shouldn't worry about the position the next two years, the duration of his contract. Sure, they could add depth in the later rounds, but selecting Morse's potential replacement at No. 17 would be a recipe for disaster.

Simply put, the Jags have bigger needs, and using a first-round pick on a player who won't probably contribute right out of the gate would be a waste of resources.