Jaguars Draft: Jacksonville should move up and select Michael Mayer on day 2

Stanford v Notre Dame
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The Jacksonville Jaguars traded back twice in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft but they still ended up making a selection. They took Anton Harrison out of Oklahoma with the 27th pick which is looking like a really nice selection.

Now, they enter day two ready to try and improve their team some more. That could come in the form of Notre Dame tight end Michael Mayer. He was linked to the Jaguars a few times in round one but was never selected by anyone.

Utah's Dalton Kincaid was the only tight end selected in the first round on Thursday night. Mayer may or may not be better but that will remain to be seen over the next few years.

The Jaguars should really try to trade up and select him. The future need at tight end is there for the Jaguars as they enter the 2023 season.

The Jaguars would look really smart if they traded up for Michael Mayer.

Evan Engram is going to play this season on a franchise tag. He was outstanding in 2022 and Trevor Lawrence really liked having an amazing tight end. Well, his plans beyond this season are unclear so the Jaguars should be ready.

Mayer could be a guy that holds that position down for the next decade. If he reaches his true potential, there is a lot of good that can come from a guy like that.

We saw what Engram did for the Jags in 2022. We see guys like Travis Kelce and George Kittle amongst others have done for other teams around the league as well. It is an extremely important position that elite quarterbacks love being strong at.

If the Jaguars move up for any offensive weapon on day two, it should absolutely be Michael Mayer who was a very important part of Notre Dame's offense during his career there.

It could end up being the steal of the draft for whoever takes him as long as he is developed properly. With Trevor Lawrence throwing him the ball and playing under Engram for a year, this could be the perfect fit for him as he tries to start his NFL career.

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