Jaguars Draft: Grading their 2023 first round selection

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The Jacksonville Jaguars know that some amazing times could be ahead if they are smart. Well, that can always be helped during the NFL Draft. The 2023 edition of the event took place on Thursday night and there were some fireworks.

All off-season long, there was speculation on what the Jaguars were going to do. Well, now we know the answer. They entered the night with the 24th overall pick in the draft but that would not be where they ended up selecting.

The Jaguars ended up taking the 160th and 240th picks from the New York Giants to move back one spot. They were on the clock once again at 25.

That wasn't it though. They took the 130th pick from the Buffalo Bills to move back to pick 27 from 25. They added three picks to move back three spots. That is not a bad value at all.

The Jacksonville Jaguars took a risk on Thursday night and it worked.

When they finally came up to pick at 27, they selected Anton Harrison. He is an offensive tackle from Oklahoma. Harrison stands at 6'4" and is 315 lbs. He is someone that will be expected to jump onto the offensive line right away and be effective.

It is clear that protecting Trevor Lawrence was something that the Jaguars had in mind coming into this draft. Well, during his time as a Sooner, Harrison proved that he can do that which is why he was a first-round pick in the NFL Draft.

The Jaguars got a lot of value on this night. Adding three extra picks and a tackle like Harrison will certainly play a role in this team taking a step. It is pretty easy to grade how this day went for them as a whole.

Final Grade - A

The Jaguars adding all of these picks and a really good player like Anton Robinson is great news for them. That is why it gets them a grade of A for the night as a whole.

They added a player that they believe will change things for their offensive line which is extremely important. If this allows Lawrence to have more time to throw the ball and work this offense, it is a major win for everyone.

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