Jaguars Draft: 3 Georgia players to consider trading up to select

SEC Championship - LSU v Georgia
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3. Nolan Smith

Nolan Smith can really help the Jacksonville Jaguars defense right away.

The most important thing for success in the NFL is a really good quarterback. You just can't win a Super Bowl unless your guy is outstanding.

The second most important thing is a good pass rusher that can get to the other team's quarterback. The Jaguars have a few players good at it but they don't have a defensive game-breaker like some of the other top teams in the AFC.

Someone to consider to try and develop into that is Nolan Smith from Georgia. He is an edge rusher that made a tremendous impact for the Bulldogs during his time there and now he'd like to take those talents to the NFL.

Just like the other players listed here, Smith had some amazing success with Georgia in the College Football Playoff this year. He was successful with his team and as an individual which is why he is going to go in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Because the first round could go many different ways, he could be there for them at 24 but they also might need to trade up for him. It would be wise for them to make a move like that because he is an excellent player.

Georgia is an outstanding school to look at when evaluating football talent; all three of these guys are proof of that. We'll see if the Jaguars take a player or two from Georgia throughout the draft. You know plenty of other teams will.

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