Jaguars Draft: 3 Georgia players to consider trading up to select

SEC Championship - LSU v Georgia
SEC Championship - LSU v Georgia / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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2. Broderick Jones - OT

Broderick Jones is someone that would really help the Jaguars' OL.

Drafting an offensive lineman is never the most fun thing in the world because they aren't the exciting players. However, they are amongst the most important players on a football team in today's NFL.

Trevor Lawrence played quarterback behind an offensive line in 2022 that could certianly use some upgrading. If he somehow got behind this supreme line, you'd see him take even more steps as a player.

Broderick Jones out of Georgia is someone that could really help them take off as a unit. He was outstanding at Georgia as that group up front took them all the way to a National Championship.

Jones is projected to go somewhere in the middle of the round so the Jaguars might have to trade up to get this guy but he is worth considering if the line is something they want to address in this year's draft. He is going to make it worth while for any team that takes a chance on him this year.