Jaguars Draft: 3 first round picks that would change the franchise forever

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2. Dalton Kincaid

The Jacksonville Jaguars could really use a big-time tight end.

As mentioned before, the Jacksonville Jaguars could really use a tight end. Evan Engram is on his way out after 2023 unless they come to a long-term contract solution.

If Michael Mayer is off the board before the Jaguars come to pick at number 24, they should consider the second-best option which is Dalton Kincaid.

Kincaid comes from the University of Utah where he was one of the best tight ends in the nation. If Jacksonville is serious about taking a tight end this year, Kincaid is the guy unless Meyer is still on the board.

He would fit right in with Trevor Lawrence as the offense tries to take a big step here in 2023. They can score lots of points together as long as Kincaid turns out to be as good as projected. With the other weapons around, big things could come of that group.