Jaguars, Dolphins decision to call off game in light of Daewood Davis injury is right

The Jaguars and the Dolphins chose to cancel their preseason bout after an injury to WR Daewood Davis.
Miami Dolphins Offseason Workout
Miami Dolphins Offseason Workout / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

You have probably heard that the NFL wants to prioritize players' safety. While they have a spotty track record in that regard, they showed it was a priority when they suspended the Miami Dolphins game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the preseason finale in light of wide receiver Daewood Davis' serious injury.

In the fourth quarter, Davis got hurt on a routine play and didn't get up. The training staff rushed onto the field to care for him and he was eventually carted off. He was taken to a local hospital and he's awake. By virtue of canceling the game, the Jaguars won 31-18.

All things considered, it was good to see both clubs act swiftly and suspend the game. Right now, what matters the most is Davis' well-being, so knowing their teammate suffered a serious injury, you can understand why Dolphins players wanted to call off the game.

Similarly, Jaguars players deserve praise for showing solidarity. As cliché as it may sound, the NFL is a big family, and Jacksonville wasn't going to continue with the game knowing one of their fellow players could be severely hurt.

Canceling the game in lieu of Daewood Davis' injury was a no-brainer for the Jaguars

There's a precedent for this kind of situation. Earlier this year, the league canceled a bout between the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals after safety Damar Hamlin suffered a serious injury. The difference was that at the time, it took the league lots of time to come up with a resolution. This time though, the Jags and Dolphins quickly came to an agreement.

It's important to point out that the game between the Bills and Cincy had a huge impact in last year's playoff seeding while this contest, since it was in the preseason, won't count in the standings. At most, it gave both coaching staffs to sort out their roster ahead of cutdown day. Then again, eight minutes, which was the remaining time on the clock, wasn't going to probably be enough to make

In the end, everyone should be pleased Davis is doing well, or as good as he can. While the Jaguars nor the Dolphins didn't have a full game to assess their respective roster, it beats the alternative. As Doug Pederson told the media, they'll get the chance to watch tape but that can wait until tomorrow.

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