Jaguars announce captains for 2023 season: Andrew Wingard among those who got the nod

• The Jaguars have selected their team captains for 2023

• Andrew Wingard was one of the 5 players that got the nod

Jacksonville Jaguars safety Andrew Wingard (42) pumps his fist at fans as he leaves the stadium.
Jacksonville Jaguars safety Andrew Wingard (42) pumps his fist at fans as he leaves the stadium. / Bob Self/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY

Being named team captain is one of the biggest honors NFL players can get. This means your teammates look up to you and see you as a positive influence. For this reason, it's great to see Jacksonville Jaguars players name safety Andrew Wingard a captain for the 2023 season.

The Jaguars just announced their team captains for next season and Wingard was one of the five players that got the illustrious distinction. The other four are linebacker Foyesade Oluokun, quarterback Trevor Lawrence, right guard Brandon Scherff and defensive end Roy Robertson-Harris.

This is the third straight season Lawrence's been a captain while this is Oluokun's and Scherff's second nod. On the other hand, this will be Roberton-Harrison's and Wingard's first time getting the designation.

Lawrence's selection doesn't come as a surprise. The offense runs through him and as the starting quarterback, he's got the biggest impact in the outcome of the game. His calm demeanor, in conjunction with his competitive drive, makes him the perfect leader for the Jaguars.

Oluoukun, for his part, has proven he's worthy of the captain moniker. He became a key cog on defense but also provided leadership during the offseason. While most veterans were excused from mandatory workouts, the Yale product still showed up to provide guidance to his younger teammates. That's what leaders do, and Jacksonville has a good one in Olokun.

On the other hand, it was encouraging to see Robertson-Harrison and Wingard be named captains. It shows the Jaguars value things besides your performance on the football field. Make no mistake, both Robertson-Harrison and Wingard are fine players but they got selected because of the impact they have in the locker room.

In particular, Wingard is currently the top backup at safety, so it would be odd at first sight to see him be named team captain. However, a closer look shows he's a vocal leader who will help his teammates unveil the best version of themselves.

It was Dewey the one who suggested veteran players support rookie head coach Urban Meyer and a young Trevor Lawrence back in 2021. He was threatened for it but it's the thought that matters and the veteran safety has shown he'll do anything to help the Jaguars win. Here's the team announcement of their captains for the 2023 season.

Trevor Lawrence and all the other choices for Jaguars captains are fine

It was telling that neither outside Josh Allen or wide receiver Christain Kirk were not named captains. Both have offered valuable leadership to their respective sides of the ball. Then again, all of the choices were good, especially when you take into account that their own teammates were the ones who voted.

Clubs can design as many as seven players as captains and you could argue that the Jaguars should have used the two other slots but the truth is that it would have diluted the significance of the title. In the words of Syndrome of the Incredibles said, "if everyone is super, then no one is".

The same principle applies here, being a team captain is one of the highest honors a player can get and only a chosen few should get it. Jaguars players believe Trevor Lawrence, Foyesade Oluokun, Andrew Wingard, Roy Robertson-Harris, and Brandon Scherff are worthy of the designation for the 2023 season.

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