Jaguars: 3 insane trade packages for Trevis Gipson

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To Jags: Trevis Gipson: - To Bears: Two Future Sixth-Round Picks

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Bears could swap multiple things.

The Chicago Bears and Jacksonville Jaguars may only end up swapping a pick for Trevis Gipson if a deal ever came to be.

That doesn't mean it has to be just one draft pick though. Instead of moving a second or a third, which have much more value, the Bears may consider taking two sixth-round picks.

Gipson doesn't want to be there, he is seeking out his own trade, and he is coming off a down year. Why should the Bears even want a guy like that?

Yes, he had a tremendous preseason. He looks like he could be back to his old self when he was outstanding. That could have also been a show for other teams to see him and want him.

The Bears need people that want to be there. Maybe two future sixth-round picks could be the swap for these two teams.

Although the Bears probably don't want to trade him so that he can be productive for them, they might have to. One of these may be the path to getting a deal done.

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