Jaguars 2023 schedule: 2 announcement videos that hit the mark, 1 that missed it

Los Angeles Rams v Jacksonville Jaguars
Los Angeles Rams v Jacksonville Jaguars / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages
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The one schedule release video that missed the mark: Carolina Panthers

As great as the release videos were this year and a vast improvement across the board from last year, some teams still don't seem to get the idea. The Buccaneers video was lame, the Seahawks was cute, but come on, and I think the Washington Commanders really did forget to make one.

Yet still, one team went all out and swung for the fences. However, it was a complete bomb. The Carolina Panthers video was a brutal miss. Watch it below and see what you think.

It took me a bit to grasp which team's schedule release video it was. Each scene was odd and confusing. I still don't know if the Panthers are playing the Bengals or the Lions.

There were so many skits that were just too odd. The fish throwing, the lemons, and whatever was happening in the closet with the Falcons. The media team couldn't come up with anything better? I think a high school drama club probably could have done better. Also, don't hurt dolphins, that's not cool.

Adam Thielen was weird and awkward. The Hayden Hurst/ Bears scene was unnecessary, and Spider Burns made no sense. While some teams didn't put much effort into their videos, the Panthers seemed to be trying extra hard and still failed. Better luck next year, North Carolina Tigers, I mean Panthers.

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