Jacksonville Jaguars land All-Pro DT Aaron Donald: 3 trade proposals

Here are three trade offers that could help the Jacksonville Jaguars land defensive tackle Aaron Donald if the Los Angeles Rams made him available via trade.
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An analyst at Fox Sports believes the Los Angeles Rams could trade DT Aaron Donald in the upcoming months. If the Rams do make Donald available, the Jacksonville Jaguars should make a strong push for him.

Reports about defensive tackle Aaron Donald potentially retiring surfaced in each of the last two offseasons. However, he's rebutted any chatter about potentially stepping away, noting that the thought of hanging up had never crossed his mind.

Heading into the 2023 season, Donald seems committed to remaining in LA but given that the Rams are undergoing a rebuild — or 'remodeling', as general manager Les Snead calls it — there's a chance he could be placed on the trade block. Jason McIntyre of Fox of Fox Sports certainly believes it could happen.

McIntyre recently shared five bold predictions about the 2023 season and one of them is that the Rams could trade the All-Pro defensive tackle for future assets. While this is a hypothesis and not a report, it's not far-fetched. After all, Los Angeles is projected to win six or seven games, so they might as well start assessing their young players while they hoard future draft picks to replenish their roster next offseason.

During the construction of their Super Bowl team, the Rams' brass often traded draft picks for proven talent. Among the players they acquired were cornerback Jalen Ramsey, edge rusher Von Miller and quarterback Matthew Stafford. After two championship appearances, Los Angeles is taking a different approach and is ready to revamp their roster.

If the Rams decide that making Donald available is the best course of action, the Jaguars should get on the phone with them, and here are three offers they could make for his services.