Ranking the top 5 Jaguars running backs of all-time

Number 1 is an obvious answer, but how about the rest?
Jacksonville Jaguars, Fred Taylor
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Having been around for just 30 years as an NFL franchise, the Jacksonville Jaguars have actually had some pretty strong luck when it comes to finding top-tier running backs.

In today's NFL, it's a tough position to play simply because a running back's career seems to be getting shorter and shorter.

But, the Jaguars have been fortunate to find some excellent backs who have hung around for several years.

Looking at the last 30 years, we put together a list of the Jaguars' top five running backs of all-time.

5. James Robinson

Believe it or not, the 2020 undrafted rookie, James Robinson, is fifth all-time in rushing amongst Jaguars running backs, going for 2,177 yards in his two and a half years with the team. His story may not have lasted very long, but it was certainly a positive one.

After going undrafted, Robinson not only made the team but earned himself the starting role. His rookie year, Robinson rushed for 1,070 yards, seven touchdowns and caught 49 passes for 344 yards and three more scores.

Had the Jaguars not been in position to draft Travis Etienne in 2022, there's a chance that Robinson would still be the starting running back in Jacksonville. But, that's how it goes for the life of an NFL running back these days. Not to mention, injuries also hampered Robinson's role at the end of his time in Jacksonville.

Robinson is still hanging around the league today, hoping to continue his career while playing the toughest position in terms of career lifespan.