Jack Jones reveals Jaguars QB Mac Jones' source of frustration with Patriots

• Mac Jones seemingly looks happier with the Jaguars. Former teammate Jack Jones recently talked about what might've been Jones' source of frustration.
Dec 7, 2023; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA;  New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones (10) smiles
Dec 7, 2023; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones (10) smiles / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Quarterback Mac Jones was traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the offseason. He now looks to rebuild his stock and become the player he was when he made the Pro Bowl in 2021. He's got his work cut out but at least he has something going in his favor.

Former Patriots cornerback Jack Jones says that not having to deal with Patriots fans has made Jones happier. That's right, Jones called out the fanbase, not Bill Belichick or the organization.

Jones was responding to a video of a visibly happy Jones. Fans were saying he looks and sounds like he did as a rookie in New England. Jones quickly pointed out they were the source of his frustration. Unless you know Jones personally, it's hard to tell if that's true. Maybe he confided it to his former teammate or perhaps he's taking a guess. Either way, Jones is back at home in Jacksonville.

A first-round pick in 2021, Jones helped New England make the playoffs as a rookie. However, he wasn't able to build off of his success and struggles the past two years. He was benched several times and lost his confidence along the way. By the end of 2023, he was seen as a surefire trade candidate. The Jags offered a sixth-round pick and acquired him before free agency.

Jones was effusive in his introductory press conference. He talked about how thrilled he was to be part of the team he rooted for growing up. Head coach Doug Pederson, for his part, said he was excited to have Jones around, noting that he wants his quarterback to build his confidence back and show everyone what he's capable of doing.

In Jacksonville, Jones will be backing up fellow 2021 first-round pick Trevor Lawrence. He'll have the chance to rebuild his stock and become a free agent next season. The Jaguars, for their part, acquired a capable backup at an affordable rate.

QB Mac Jones is starting over with the Jaguars

Jack Jones, like Mac Jones, is no longer with the New England Patriots. A fourth-round pick in 2022, Jones flashed potential as a rookie but injuries held him back in his sophomore campaign. He was waived during the 2023 season and quickly claimed by the Las Vegas Raiders.

Having first-hand knowledge of the environment where Jones spent his first three seasons, he's equipped to talk about the challenge the quarterback faced in Foxborough. That said, Jones should turn the page. He's got the perfect opportunity to bounce back, and that's where his focus should be. Should he use his stint with the Patriots as motivation to prove his former team and fans wrong? That's for him to decide.

What's certain is that the Jaguars don't have to worry about the quarterback position in 2024. Trevor Lawrence should have no trouble getting back on track with an improved supporting cast, but if he misses time * knocks on wood *, Jacksonville has a more than capable replacement in Jones, who's previously shown he can win games in the NFL.

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