Davante Adams wants you to watch Jaguars WR Calvin Ridley tape

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After serving a suspension for betting on NFL games, Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Calvin Ridley is ready to remind everyone how great he is. If you have a hard time believing Ridley is one of the top receivers in the game right now, his peers are willing to go to bat for him.

Just a few months ago, DeVonta Smith ranked Ridley as a top 3 Alabama wide receiver. And more recently, All-Pro Davante Adams brought up Ridley when asked about who he thinks the best receivers are.

Adams made an appearance on the I AM ATHLETE podcast and Ridley landed at No. 4 in his top 5 list. He ranked Justin Jefferson at 2A. Tyreek Hill was 2B and Stefon Diggs popped up at No. 3 while Mike Evans and CeeDee Lamb were 5a and 5b, respectively. Tae argues that if people watch Calvin Ridley the way he and his peers study him, they would see how good he is".

I would put at four, I'm going to make some people mad with this one: Calvin Ridley", Adams said. "You can say whatever you want about last year, ain't got nothing to do with football and it was silly anyway".

"He's going to be back this year and I think he's going to have a really really great year. As a receiver, we don't control everything. We control our tape. Watch the boy's tape, he's out there doing stuff to people consistently with the routes", Adams said.

Adams is a top 3 receiver regardless of who you ask. A second-round pick by the Green Bay Packers in 2014, he's made the Pro Bowl six times and has earned three First-Team All-Pro designations. However you look at it those are some pretty good qualifications to weigh in on who the best receivers in the league are. Here's a clip of Adams sharing his reasoning for including Ridley on his list.

Trading for Calvin Ridley was a low-key great move for the Jacksonville Jaguars

Calvin Ridley deserves lots of credit for overcoming adversity. Following an outstanding season in 2020, he was playing through injuries the following year. At the time, observers weren't aware he had to use painkillers, which ended up affecting his health and prompted him to call it quits.

Not long after his retirement, Ridley bet on NFL games and was suspended by the league. He admitted to the mistake and fully healthy, he's ready to pick up where he left off before injuries took a toll on him.

General manager Trent Baalke should also get praise for recognizing that Ridley was a good player that had gone through a lot. Even though receiver wasn't a need for the Jaguars after signing Christian Kirk and zay Jones last year, Baalke saw what a healthy Ridley could do on the field and acquired him from the Atlanta Falcons.

Ridley joins Trevor Lawrence's arsenal of weapons and gives the Jaguars' offense a realistic shot at turning into a top 5, possibly 3 unit in 2023.

Just like the Jaguars, Davante Adams recognizes how good Calvin Ridley is and that shouldn't be a controversial opinion. Like at all.

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