Calvin Ridley has key role in Jaguars Week 11 win: We know we have explosive players

• Jaguars WR Calvin Ridley had a superb game vs. the Titans

• He knows what he can do, he's just got to make the plays

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars
Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars / Mike Carlson/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars fed wide receiver Calvin Ridley the ball in Week 11 and he repaid their trust with a superb performance. Following the 34-14 win over the division rival Tennessee Titans, Ridley said he knew he was going to have a big game.

Ridley had seven receptions for 103 yards with two touchdown receptions. He consistently made plays throughout the game to put Jacksonville on top. In the first quarter, he drew a pass interference in his favor. This was the seventh time this season he's gotten such calls his way this season. Not long after, his three-yard touchdown reception put Jacksonville 7-0 on the Titans.

Following the win, Ridley told reporters that he knew he was poised for a big game against the Tennessee Titans, "I knew today would probably be my day." He also said that he's been getting opportunities, he just needs to take advantage of them like he did against the Titans.

"They've been given me that, I ain't gonna lie," Ridley told the media. "They've been giving me that, I just gotta win and make the plays. And today I made the plays. And that's what I know I can do that all day, all game, so I gotta just own the moment, be where my feet are, and make plays for my teammates and for this organization."

Ridley later made sure to talk about the difference having wide receiver Zay Jones in the mix makes. Jones has been dealing with a knee injury for a good chunk of the season. This marked the first time he played since Week 5. He was listed as questionable for the game but ended up suiting up. While he only hauled in four receptions for 20 yards, his presence made it difficult for the Titans to zero in on Ridley.

"When Zay is out there, Kirk is a beast. Evan, but when we have our complete core, we're more comfortable. We communicate better. Zay, he's one of the leaders in our room. He helps the offense settle down. And we have a lot of options to make ourselves very hard offensive style," Ridley said.

For the season, Ridley has 42 receptions for 584 yards with four touchdowns. His three 100-yard games have come when Zay Jones has been available. h/t to John Shipley of Sports Illustrated who pointed this out on social media.

The Jaguars fed Calvin Ridley the ball vs. the Titans, they must stick to that formula

One of the keys to beating the Tennesee Titans (and winning moving forward) was getting Calvin Ridley a big part of the game plan. Zay Jones' return helped him find favorable matchups and Trevor Lawrence's improved mobility also helped. That said, the Jaguars trusted Calvin Ridley to make an impact, and he didn't disappoint.

As Ridley himself noted, the Jaguars have great explosive players. They just need to execute and the coaching staff has to put them in a position to succeed. They did in Week 11.

"We know we are explosive offense players. And we know that we have a lot of players that can make plays. We just have to be in those moments and own the moment and win, win, win, no matter who we plan against," Ridley told the media.

While it's not realistic to target Ridley on every plan, the Jaguars should keep making an effort to get him the ball, knowing what kind of results they'll be getting. It paid off against the Tennessee Titans, and it could also work against the Houston Texans next week.

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