This big-time media personality thinks very highly of the Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars v New Orleans Saints
Jacksonville Jaguars v New Orleans Saints / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars have started to get some respect across the sports world. It took a while but it is finally coming. They are one of the best teams in the NFL which isn’t really easy to hide anymore. They are 13-5 in their last 18 games and they have a special quarterback. 

On Tuesday of every week, FS1’s Colin Cowherd ranks his top ten NFL teams. Being on his list after seven weeks makes it clear that he thinks that they are truly one of the best teams in the league.

We are getting to the point where it doesn’t change as much week to week in terms of the teams that make the lists. There are always order switches but the top teams in the league are starting to separate themselves. 

The Jags made the top five this week which is really cool to see. The Miami Dolphins, Dallas Cowboys, Cincinnati Bengals, Detroit Lions, and Pittsburgh Steelers, are at 10-6. It is pretty fair to think that the Jaguars, who are 5-2, can beat any of those teams right now. The Bengals are the scariest of the bunch. 

The Jacksonville Jaguars were giving a great ranking by Colin Cowherd.

Colin then ranked the Jags at 5 which is very nice. He only put the  San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, and Baltimore Ravens ahead of them at 4-1. It is a good list with a lot of good football teams. 

When describing why he has the Jaguars at 5, he mentioned that the only team he doesn’t think they can beat is the Chiefs. That is funny because the Ravens are at number one and could very well play the Jags in the AFC postseason.

The Chiefs have been an issue for the Jaguars lately as they are one of their two losses this year and the team that ended their season en route to winning the Super Bowl last year. 

The Jaguars are a good team and starting to get that respect but there is clearly more work to be done. The goal is to be near the top of these lists with consistency going forward. They have the talent all over to make it happen. 

As long as Trevor Lawrence is healthy, there is no reason that this team can’t be right in the mix of favorites when the playoffs start.

They have as good of a chance to win big as anyone right now. So far, no team is flawless and the Jags' biggest flaw is that they have a reputation for being a bad team. They are far from bad now and it is time people start realizing it. 

This week, the Jaguars play the Pittsburg Steelers in Pittsburgh. Of course, the Steelers are on this list as well so it would be considered a quality win. It will be interesting to see where they land on the list next week.